5 Ways to Prevent Car Sickness in Children

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A couple of weeks ago, I took a Rajasthan trip by car with my family. The state has always been on my travel list. However, I got lucky enough to explore this place only lately. Travelling with a kid has never been an easy task. And when there are two on board, the job just gets tougher. Whenever we are on a road trip, my elder son is always complaining about uneasiness and vomiting sensations. The situation just got worse when he turned 3. Thus, we had to consult with a child specialist who could provide me with an immediate solution. After talking to the doctor, I understood that car sickness is one of the types of motion sickness. This takes place when the child’s ears, eyes, and muscle and joint nerves start sending confusing signals to his brain. 

In motion sickness, the ears feel the motion or movement, however, the eyes and body are unable to sense it. This is why kids suffer from symptoms like stomach pain, nausea, or restlessness or fatigue. Though studies have failed to reveal why it impacts a particular child more than others. 

Are you fretting about how to make the little ones comfortable and in good health in a long weekend trip? Well, here’re 5 ways that will help to prevent the car sickness in kids:

Reduction in Sensory Input: Instead of letting the child play games or enjoy a short movie, encourage him/her to tell you about the things lying on the other side of the window. Or make him sleep in the car. 

Give the Child a Ginger Candy to Chew: The hard ginger candies proved to be a bane to my kid. Although doctors may not recommend them in the first place they provide a quick remedy from nausea. 

Keep the Kid Distracted: Distractions always help. There is no person in this world who understands the child’s moods better than a mother. Therefore, as soon as the child starts complaining about puking or loss of appetite, talk to him, start telling him stories from your childhood, or give him toys to play or sing a lullaby to him. Simply distract him in whatever way possible.

Avoid Large Meals During the Trip: It is common that children lose appetite when they develop car sickness. Therefore, it is advisable to keep them full before starting out. In case, you are off to short trips like sightseeing in Jaipur by car, then avoid the food. Particularly, do not let the kid consume any large or spicy meals. Also, do not give them anything to eat other than a light snack with a small drink, during the journey. 

Provide Him With Fresh Air: Open the car windows and allow adequate air ventilation. Also, do not use any perfumes or odours in the car. Strong fragrances may trigger motion sickness. 

On my Rajasthan trip by car, I halted the car once in every 2 hours and insisted my kid to take a quick walk. This actually made him feel better. You may also put a cool cloth over the child’s forehead and ask him to close his eyes for some time.  

Hope, you found the information useful. Have a happy and safe travelling!

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