How to Prevent Lead Poisoning in Children?

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Most people have a basic understanding of lead poisoning. They know that it is caused by ingesting lead. They know enough not to let their children chew on paint chips, just in case. Some may know that older neighborhoods and older homes may have lead seals on the water pipes, and that could cause lead poisoning. The facts about lead poisoning can - and should be - frightening.

Prevalence of lead poisoning:

The environmental protection agency estimates that one in six children in the united states has lead levels elevated enough to cause some degree of physical impairment or damage. The damage due to lead poisoning includes shortened attention span, impaired hearing, liver and kidney damage, poor perceptual integration, neurological damage and poor classroom behavior.

It's comforting to believe that. It means that lead poisoning won't happen to our children if we just keep the house clean enough, and a close enough eye on the children.

Paint erodes and wears away, sometimes chipping and peeling. The big chips and peels are only the most obvious sign of deterioration. Tiny flakes and paint dust get stirred up in the air where children can breathe them in. The dust - almost imperceptible - settles on the floor and other surfaces where it gets on children's hands and clothing, and from there, onto their toys and into their mouths.

How to prevent lead poisoning in children?

  1. Let water run for 60 seconds when using tap water for food or formula preparation to flush out any water that may be contaminated with lead from standing in the pipes.

  2. Wipe down painted surfaces regularly with a damp cloth to pick up any lead dust and avoid disturbing it. 

  3. Report any peeling, flaking or worn paint in your apartment to your landlord as soon as you notice it. It is the responsibility of the landlord to keep the property in good repair. 

  4. If a nearby house is being demolished, keep windows closed and wipe down surfaces regularly. There's a good possibility that dust from the demolition contains lead.

  5. Avoid buying painted toys, crayons and clay that were imported from another country.

If your child is suffering due to Lead Poisoning in Your Home in Rochester, NY. Homes with lead paint are more of a hazard as time passes and paint begins to chip and flake, increasing lead dust issues. If done by professionals it can certainly eliminate the problem, not contribute to it.

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