5 Ways to Boost Your Team’s Productivity

by Emma L. Business consultant

Every successful team has its ups and downs and they are pretty much inevitable. However, when downs seem to get the best of the team, it’s time to start looking for ways of making the situation better. A team’s productivity is one of the pillars of its success and therefore, increasing it means bringing your team back on the right track.

Here’s how.

Set the example

Show, don’t tell. This adage is as old as the Bible but it can’t be more down to the point. If your team members constantly listen to you about what they should do while you just sit there nagging, they will probably adopt the same pattern. It’s human nature. Instead, use your own productivity as a goal they should strive toward. After all, if they look up to you, it’s likely they will feel compelled to give their best shot at completing the tasks. An ideal leader is reliable and consistent in the relationship they build with the team. If the leader is a person of trust, the team will follow the example.

Create a challenging environment

A challenge is not necessarily something to shy away from. On the contrary, inciting competitiveness among the team members can be extremely effective as long as it doesn’t turn into a dog-eat-dog situation. In order to achieve this balance, a leader has to criticize constructively and praise moderately. Any extremes in this field can create tension within the team as they fight for the place in the leader’s good books.  Another important thing to keep in mind when challenging your team is to be realistic in your expectations. Don’t set the aims too high or too low but base them on your knowledge of their abilities and competence.

Clear the air

The pun here is intended. Creating an industrious atmosphere depends on the psychological and physical aspects of the working environment, both of which affect the productivity. For this reason, keeping the space nice and fresh with revitalizing cleaning supplies is as equally important as nurturing a healthy coworking ambiance.Productivity largely depends on the relationship between the employees, too. Mental hygiene is just as important as physical.Since a team is only as strong as its weakest member, it is extremely important to cultivate a solicitous and receptive aura.

Create an attractive environment

Just think about the difference between a dim office piled with paperwork and the one with lots of light and greenery.Although a creative mess can be good at times, the latter scenario is much more appealing and pleasant to spend time in.The modern-day working habits and demands have people working around the clock and the majority of them spend a big portion of their time in the office.For this reason, enriching your working environment with plants, bright colors, and pictures can personalize a space instead of making it resemble a prison cell.

Give them a break

Anyone who remembers their university days knows that a warm chair doesn’t necessarily translate into productivity. Instead, offer your employees options to spend their breaks in ways that will truly relax them and keep their mind off work. These may include any social activities they personally enjoy but make sure that it won’t turn into a distraction.

Final thoughts

The decrease in productivity is something everyone faces. There are many factors contributing to it, but if we can make our workplace more enjoyable and pleasant to be in, then we are on the right track toward creating a dynamic and stimulative environment for your team.

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