5 Reasons Why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework in 2021

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Laravel is considered the best PHP-based framework in 2021 among all the available PHP frameworks. And here are the most compelling reasons shared by a dedicated Laravel developer


Laravel is a PHP-based framework that is open source in nature and is designed to built world-class web applications. The framework has become the most favoured choice for both developers and business owners today among the other available PHP frameworks because of the in-built features of the framework that help in building secure, fast, and robust web applications. Laravel also ensures faster web development as compared to the other frameworks. This is also a key reason why most business owners prefer choosing a Laravel developer over the other options. 


Laravel offers high flexibility, comes with rich features, and allows code reusability for creating the most amazing web apps and websites. Also, there are many technical benefits Laravel offers that also make it the best PHP-based framework today. 


And now, let’s explore the major reasons why Laravel is considered the best PHP framework in 2021. 


Laravel follows the MVC architecture:

Laravel follows and works on the MVC or Model View Controller architecture. And this makes it easy for the developers to work in a team and efficiently build a Laravel web application. Maintaining the codes using the MVC structure is also pretty easy as the codes are well organised here. 


The MVC structure gives clarity between the presentation and logic of the website or web application development. It also helps in creating well-designed documents, provide several in-built features and functionalities, and boost performance. MVC architecture simplifies and gives a proper structure to the codes as well especially when you are engaged with large project development. MVC gives you the benefit of organising your work in different files, which are easy to maintain and retrieve. 


It comes with a blade template engine for creating stunning layouts:

During the web app development process, several times the developers come across situations when they have to handle much data in text form. And this is when the template engine of Laravel comes into play. This in-built blade template engine of the framework helps to manage these texts and use all the textual data as per the requirements. The template engine also helps to process the codes in the source templates and give the output in a text file. Laravel’s blade template engine is actually a lightweight, powerful and preset template engine that also makes the entire web app development process easier and faster. Apart from these features and benefits, it also aids in creating outstanding layouts for web apps. It also offers a data display as well as an extension of the layout of the web app without hampering its speed and performance. 


Additionally, the developers can also create stunning layouts using another Laravel feature known as Content Seeding. Moreover, the template engine comes with a structure or feature that helps to create as well as view a file. And this file incorporates conditional statements and loops. Developers can also use or access the framework’s master template for creating simple layouts that can be also used by the other files. 


Artisan CLI for faster and simpler commands:

Laravel framework comes with its own CLI or Command Line Interface, which makes the web development process quicker, easier, and simpler. It also uses the Symfony Console components for building websites and web applications. Symfony Console helps a lot in data migration and database management. Additionally, Laravel developers can also build skeleton codes, controllers, models and do more using this Symfony Console. The Artisan tool of Laravel also speeds up the development process. The Artisan tool can also generate MVC files and can handle all data configuration management by creating its own commands. These are also the elements required for web app authentication services. 


Eloquent ORM support:

Laravel framework has Models that allows the developers to boost the web app performance. These Models can also be customised using another feature of the framework - the ORM or Object Relational Mapping. It is the only PHP-based framework that allows easy customisation with the Eloquent ORM. 


Laravel allows unit testing of the web apps:

Laravel comes with a set of features for handling the testing process of web apps. The phpunit.xml file in Laravel enables unit testing of the web applications or websites during the development process. And unit testing ensures checking for errors after each stage of development. Unit testing is actually performed on smaller code snippets or smaller chunks of codes. This also ensures a completely bug-free result at the end. 


Laravel is an extremely flexible framework for building customised web apps for both desktop and mobile devices. The framework allows developers to use a simplified web development process and a clean and reusable codebase. Overall, with all these advantages along with the one outlined above in this article, Laravel stands out to be the most preferred choice among web developers and business owners in 2021. 


Jonathan Paul is the most experienced and proficient Laravel developer of the top Laravel development company in Australia, PHPProgrammers. The author has written this article to let you know the key reasons why Laravel is considered the best PHP framework in 2021. 

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