5 Major Reasons For Stress At Work (With The Best Solution)

by Sukriti Saini Content Strategist | Blogger | Youtuber

No matter where you work, how big the organisation is, how great the culture is, how well you are compensated and appreciated; you can never claim yourself to be at peace. Not for long at least! Anxiety and stress can happen because of a personal, professional issue or pressure. In this blog, we will be addressing what exactly employees should do to cope up with the stress that is caused at the workplace. 

One of the major reason for stress is the work pressure, no peer support and a not so good manager. So, here are the reasons, their impact and ways to lessen the same. Take a look.


When employees are not heard-

Employees love managers, directors and colleagues who hear them out. No employee deserves to feel demeaned or like his opinion does not matter. If you are not taking their suggestions (related to the work they do or for the betterment of the organisation) you should give them a proper reason. 

When employees feel too much controlled- Too much intervention is not welcomed by anyone. Not letting them do their task peacefully, instructing them too much, passing sarcastic comments, or reprimanding them in public can be a major reason for stress. Moreover, friendships at work are necessary. Changing their seat like school is what they may consider as too much control. 

When employers have unrealistic expectations-

You run a marketing campaign or say make any plan to achieve a goal that is not realistic, you will surely get disappointed. However, it isn’t the employees who are to be held accountable for the failure of the plan but you. On time attendance management software and timesheet are there to prove that team members have completed their hours and work. Work overload is hence the clear reason for the failure and their stress. 

When team members begin blame game- 

Many times, due to these unrealistic goals or personal disliking, employees start blaming each other for the pending tasks and the erroneous ones as well. This inner politics and discontentment with each other become yet another reason for stress. 

When little errors matter more than big achievements-  Making a mountain out of a molehill is what explains this well. Some employers have a habit of highlighting the errors (even the minutest ones) so much that they end up demotivating the employees. When this becomes a pattern, it causes stress. 


Disturbed peace of mind, poor performance, bad mood, behaviour, less interaction, detached behaviour, doing work with less effort for the namesake are just to name a few. The more adverse effects could be starting to look for a job change, getting in a verbal fight with the employees, not listening to what the manager is saying carefully anymore. Moreover,the employee may even stop putting extra efforts, giving their work the heart and soul and in general stop putting efforts to help achieve the company goals. They become resistive to everything around them- work, people, machines etc. 


Your workplace is your second home, it is where you all work together to achieve a goal unanimously. Your employees, especially the dedicated, innovative ones who have helped in your company’s growth, must not be ignored. Their health and well being is the lifeblood of your business. You can surely hire some other person for the same position but know that it is highly inhumane. What do you do when someone in your family is angry at you or not happy with you? You don’t oust them from the family but you sit with them, talk to them. Find a solution (a midway) to the problem, apologise if you were wrong, appreciate them, reduce the workload (if that really is the real concern). 

For better management and time tracking, you can also use on-time attendance management software and HR software. Just remember the software isn’t capable of repairing your relationship with the disgruntled employees. You have to take charge of it! 

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