5 Advantages of Luoyang Judian Rolling Mill Machine

by Luoyang Judian Professional Steel Casting and Rolling Equipment M

The development trend of modern rolling mill machines is continuous, automated, professional, high product quality, and low consumption. In recent years, some rolling machines suitable for new rolling methods such as continuous casting and rolling, as well as rolling machines that meet the quality requirements of new product quality have also appeared. Luoyang Giant Power Rolling Machine is a product that emerged in this environment. So, what are the advantages of Luoyang Judian rolling mill machine?

The Main Advantages of Luoyang Judian Rolling Mill Machine

Can Be Dual or Multi-Line Rolled

Realizing dual or multi-line rolling, which greatly increases the output of small rolling machines, which is especially important when producing small specifications.

Less Rolling Passes

To produce products of the same specifications with the same size, only 1/2 section of the 1/2 of the ingredients can be used, so it can reduce rolling roads.

Improve Product Accuracy

The product accuracy can be increased by 5%-6% compared with ordinary rolling. The reason is that the two lines bite at the same time after the division. In addition, the cutting split rolling is only performed in the last three racks, and the rest are microspheres and non-tension rolling.

Save Energy Consumption

When the conditions are the same, the use of cutting and rolling can reduce the heating temperature of the billet by about 40 ° C, the fuel decreases by 20%, the power consumption can be reduced by 15%, and the total production cost can be reduced by 10-15%. Cost -easy and effective measures.

The disadvantage of cutting and rolling is that the amount of cutting should increase by about 0.5%.

Real-Time Detection of Product Parameters

The one-way and anti-interference of laser is better than any other light wave. The laser diameter designed as the principle is used to measure the size of the rolling parts online. The size in the 450 direction can be displayed and stored in the computer system. The operator can timely understand the size accuracy of the rolling parts in the production process based on the results of the display, and adjust the small rolling machine promptly in time when it is close to the specified accuracy to reduce the waste products and easily adjust the operation.

Precautions Before Running the Rolling Mill Machine

Before the rolling machine is turned on, it is necessary to verify the power, rolling speed, product specifications, and holes of the equipment, to ensure that the reprint of the blank is not more than the tolerance of the rolling equipment. Otherwise, the equipment startup speed will be slowed down, and there is a check to check the bearing of the rolling machine to see if the lubrication of the bearings is sufficient. If the lubrication is not enough, the start of the rolling machine will also slow down and even fail.

Luoyang Judian actively explores new technologies and is applied them to rolling machine products. This not only reduces the energy consumption of the equipment, rationally optimizes the cost of making the equipment festival, but also improves the productivity of the equipment.

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