4 tips for organizing your office move

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The action of making a change, regardless of its complexity, is a task that requires some care. This is no different when referring to the business environment, as knowing the best ways to organize office relocation can save resources such as time and money.


From there, with the intention of helping you in this process of change, we are going to bring here some important information about some efficient methods for you to be able to transport your company's goods in an agile and safe way.


How to organize the office move?


Best moving company in NYC, like any type of move, requires a lot of preparation and organization, so that nothing ends up going wrong, or so that risks are minimized. There are several factors that are extremely important to take into account, however, with organization and planning it is possible to keep most of these issues under control.

In this text, we will bring tips about the organization needed to carry out changes, in addition to the main mistakes that people usually make and, finally, how to choose the best company to carry out your residential move. Check out!


1 – Delegate tasks to the team


After planning what to do, and when the time for change has arrived, it is important that each employee can contribute a part of this process.


This division can have as main criterion the aptitudes of each person. However, it is also worth saying that, if it does not already exist, it is important to have the figure of a person to lead the team, as this person will be responsible for the progress of each step of the change.


2 - Package and organize all the goods


When we think about how to organize Local Moving Company in NYC, the concern with how to pack the goods that belong to the company certainly shows up as one of the priorities.


Such precaution with the safety of this transport is given not only for the monetary value that such goods represent for the office, but also for the importance that these objects and documents represent for the guarantee of all internal and external procedures that involve it.


Worry about accidents during the moving process, keep the stairs with their guardrails well installed and preferably in offices that have this type of product.


Always remember to do fumigation on site before moving to avoid possible urban pests.


3 – Compare the carriers


Due to the fact that there are several companies that provide the commercial moving service , knowing how to select the  moving budget that best fits the reality of your business, through a price comparison, is important to obtain good results.


This is because, having in hand the proposals that are most interesting to your situation, it is possible to carry out a kind of filter, ensuring that the company responsible for this service is correctly chosen.


4 – Choose a reliable moving company


However, the choice for moving companies needs to be linked to other important factors that go beyond the question of the price charged for the service, such as: credibility, quality, punctuality, resources used for change and speed in their actions.


Taking these points into consideration, it is important to remember that the more efficient the chosen carrier is, the faster the transition of locations will be carried out, allowing the office to return to its normality in a short period of time.


How to organize a residential move?


If you are planning to move your house, whether it is just to another residence in the same county, or even an intercity or interstate move, some factors must be thought out and organized in advance. It is necessary to carry out a survey of your furniture and other belongings in order to plan a logistics so that each item is packed in the best possible way, with packaging and suitable materials. It is also necessary to plan the best date to carry out the change, it is essential to align the best date for you with those available for the services you will hire. It is also worth remembering that certain days of the week and times of the year tend to have higher values and those condominiums and buildings usually determine times to carry out changes. Here are the top three mistakes people make when it comes to moving home.


Not Thinking About the Best Moving Truck


The vehicle for moving your move is one of the most important factors, and also one of the biggest mistakes people make. This is because many do not take into account the different types of truck that can be used, so they also do not identify which is best for your specific case. The vehicles that are commonly used for moving are:


·         utility vehicles: suitable for small changes

·         Trunk truck ¾: holds up to 3 tons and is suitable for changing household items of up to two bedrooms

·         stub truck: holds up to 16 tons and is suitable for changing household items with up to three bedrooms

·         truck: holds up to 23 tons and is suitable for changing household items of up to four bedrooms

·         3-axle trailer: holds up to 41 tons and is suitable for larger changes.


Confuse carriage service with change


Many people don't know, but moving service is different from reel service, and they have very different prices. However, because of this large cost difference, the services offered are also quite different. While the moving service offers packaging, greater protection for your items and the option of taking out insurance, the second does not have any of these options.


Do not hire qualified professionals


Hiring qualified professionals can present higher costs for moving, however it is essential if you want to guarantee your safety and that of your items, as they can be easily damaged if not handled and packaged correctly.



Where to find the best moving companies?


You can opt for services from your municipality, or conduct online surveys, as currently several moving companies already offer this alternative. In general, it is important that you evaluate issues such as the service offered, the company's history, the amount charged, the available vehicles and the services that are included in the contract (such as packaging, boxes, covers and specialized staff, for example). After organizing the change, count on the best change platform.


Here at Online Changes, you will find the best options of carriers that make this type of office move. Through our platform, it is possible to carry out an effective comparison with the companies that best suit your needs, helping you to choose the best solution for what you want. Fill out the form and make a quote today!

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