International removals: main steps and costs

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International changes are a real challenge. So, how to respond in the best way, whether in the case of a company or a private person? To ensure that the entire process runs on time, with safety, quality and customer service and within defined budgets, you must know the characteristics of each change and take care of all its stages.


The various types of international changes


The need to move from one country to another can affect both companies and individuals. In each case, there are specific obligations and particular logistical care.

Business changes


Within the scope of international changes, business changes are very frequent. These are entities that need to move offices and teams and want to guarantee a safe and effective service.


This may involve changing the office, storage, moving expatriates' housing or even specific equipment. And, more than transport, it is important to guarantee disassembly, packaging and assembly services, as well as customs clearance that may be required in this type of operation.


Industrial removals


In the business context, industrial changes stand out, which require specially qualified professionals and also specific equipment. There are risks involved, so each step of the change process must be studied in detail. Particularly important are occupational safety issues or issues involving the transport of hazardous materials as well as permits.


Particular changes


We must also not forget the changes of individuals who, for personal or even professional reasons, need to move to another country. Therefore, whether international moves are in Europe or outside the continent, a specific logistical operation is at stake. It is necessary to transport a wide variety of goods, for example, furniture, personal goods, appliances, clothing, among many others. Generally, they are operations with a defined time and may require customs clearance, hence the importance of choosing qualified companies for this purpose.


Steps of an international change

Step 1: Plan the entire process


The process of international change begins with planning and assessing the risks involved. Choosing a company that specializes in changes as specific as these is, without a doubt, a crucial decision in the entire process. Together with the international transport and best movers in New York City, you must then define all the steps, the teams involved and the requirements to be met for the transport of the goods.


Potential problems must be identified, and authorizations and documents must be taken care of in a timely manner. Otherwise, in customs there are products that may not be allowed to leave the country, or enter the destination. Therefore, at this stage, it is important to pay attention to the legal issues to be fulfilled and the necessary insurance.


Step 2: Set the budget


The prices of an international move include many variables – contracted services, volume and type of goods, means of transport or deadlines – and are often subject to adjustments. This is because customs fees or goods delays at the ports of origin or destination are costs that are not related to the moving company, but they will always have to be borne.


Step 3: Pack and Pack


After planning the move and agreeing on a budget, it's time to prepare all the goods for transport. The contracted international moving company will arrange to accommodate the load according to the necessary requirements. However, this entire process must precede an inventory of all the goods that leave the starting point and must reach their destination.


Step 4: Transport


There may be international transfers by sea, land or air. The choice of means depends on the destination, but also on the type of goods to be transported, the times to be met and the budget available.


Step 5: Unpack at destination


In this last step of the process, the material that enters the destination point must be validated with the inventory carried out at the point of origin. The aim is to ensure that all goods have reached their destination and then check that there is no damage to be recorded. If there is, it will be necessary to activate the insurance. In addition, you must contract the unloading and also ensure the assembly, as well as the removal of the used packaging materials from your home.


The cost of an international move


To speak of fixed values ​​in operations in this type of transport is to be incurring failures. After all, there are many variables at play that affect the cost of an international move. Well, the factors to take into account are:

  1. Volume and type of cargo;
  2. Outsourced services (packaging, storage, assembly/disassembly, customs procedures, among others);
  3. Type of transport involved in the operation – land, sea or air;
  4. Routes and routes chosen for transport;
  5. Customs fees (if necessary);
  6. Transport insurance;
  7. Urgency and deadlines of the international change process.
  8. Demurrage, port costs, taxes, etc.


At All around moving company, we have a team specialized and experienced in international corporate and private removals that can provide you with full support.

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