4 Social Media Marketing Tips For Optimum Use Of LinkedIn

by Vikalp Malhotra Digital Marketer

Never make a mistake by considering LinkedIn as a substitute of Facebook. You may be there on both the platforms, but you must draw a ‘LaxsmanRekha’ between the two. Both of them belong to social media, but LinkedIn is a pro-professional social media. You can go on very lightly with your emotions, feelings, values, preferences etc on your Facebook network, but you need to be very cautious, purposive and professional on your LinkedIn page and groups. As a marketer you can think of optimizing your presence on LinkedIn. However, be careful to step in to LinkedIn marketing. The following FOUR tips may be very much useful for your success on LinkedIn.

Improve Your Visibility On LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, your profile speaks louder than your colourful Facebook page. Ensure that your profile is complete in all respect. While writing your profile, take care of choosing key words and framing sentences. Because your profile is the primary determinant, that sets your fortune on LinkedIn. You can effectively connect and integrate with other social media platforms to increase your search potentials. Take care so that you are easily found or discovered by other users on LinkedIn.

There Is No Correlation between the Number Of Groups You Join And Your Credibility

There are thousands of professional groups and sub-groups on LinkedIn. Never increase the number of your group affiliation to overload your profile. Here, the quality of your contribution is more important than the number (quantity) of groups you are associated with.

So be specific to identify your ‘Group’ and send request to the Group Administrator for membership. The group membership is free but anytime your membership may be terminated by the administrator on the basis of actions. You need to be there where your customers and clients are. You can make yourself popular in your group by contributing relevant and useful discussions and then following up the comments or views of visitors. Unlike your Facebook page, here your mission is not to create a fans’ base but to earn credibility that you can perform and deliver.

Be Active and Consistent

Unplanned, casual and pessimistic approach is strictly undesirable on LinkedIn. Whatever you do there, do that with regularity, sincerity and consistency. People watch you closely on your commitments and accountability to the users in general and members of different groups in particular. Use a schedule to maintain consistency on the platform. If required, you may hire paid staff or consultant for managing your consistency.

Use the Advanced Search Option on LinkedIn

To identify your target people, companies, groups, posts etc., you must use the advanced search option given on the top of LinkedIn home page. The search options can be explored to get customised findings on the basis of several professional criteria, such as locations, professional experience, current company, past company, year of experience, functional profile etc. Then, you can expand your network by sending invitations to users to ‘join your network’. Similarly, accept invitations from users looking into their potentials to fulfil your business purposes.

To conclude, it can be suggested that the above tips are indispensable and can be administered without taking any external or paid guidance. In case of any difficulty in understanding further, it is always advisable to seek professional guidance.

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