4 Common Orthopedic Sports Injuries

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An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle, and participation in sports provides a great way of remaining fit and increasing physical activity. But sporting pursuits come with their own set of injuries, many of which can require you to seek care from practitioners of orthopedic sports medicine in Jacksonville, FL.

Though many minor aches and pains resulting from physical activity simply remedy themselves with time and TLC, injuries that are the result of the rigors of a sporting lifestyle sometimes require medical intervention. Treatment is key in such situations because ignoring the problem can produce lifelong issues and lasting damage to muscles, bones, and joints. Read on to learn more about some of the most common orthopedic sports injuries treated by orthopedic physicians.

Ankle Sprains

Sprains are one of the most common injuries in sports medicine, and they are the result of overstretched ligaments that help hold joints together properly. They can occur when direction is changed suddenly, or when balance is compromised. Ankle sprains are a common product of sports because many sports include rapid shifts in body weight and balance which can place stress on unprotected joints.

Knee Injuries

The knee is a problem area for many people. Whether caused by abuse, normal wear that comes with age, or excess weight carried in the upper body, the knee can be placed under tremendous stress during sporting activities. Often, the ligaments that hold the knee together can be stretched or torn. In the case of tears, an orthopedic specialist must surgically repair the torn ligament.

Strained Hamstring

If you’ve ever experienced a strained hamstring, you know just how painful such an injury can be. Common in sports that involve rigorous, explosive running, a strain occurs when the hamstring is overextended beyond its normal limits. The stretched muscle can become painful and weak, and in some cases, a tear can occur. While in most cases the remedy is rest and medication, it’s best to have an orthopedist examine the injury.

Groin Pull

Another injury that is common in sports that require explosive starts and stops, the groin pull occurs when the groin muscle in the upper thigh is overextended. Such an injury can make walking and running painful, and in extreme cases, a tear can occur. While most groin injuries don’t require surgical intervention, rest and physical therapy will usually provide a remedy.

If you’ve suffered one of these common sports injuries, it would be wise to consult with a practitioner of orthopedic sports medicine in Jacksonville, FL. While some injuries merely require rest, others may require more radical intervention to prevent additional, long-lasting damage.



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