The 5 Most Common Sports Injuries

by Shawn William Creative Writer

No matter how professional and top-ranked athlete or sportsman you are, there are always chances of getting a serious injury. It is always recommended to consult the sports injury orthopedic surgeon to provide proper treatment at the right time. 

You can take the emergency treatment from the urgent care centers in case of not getting the appointment of your doctor on time. Visit this site to locate the nearest care center and get the initial treatment. 

There are different types of sports injuries you may encounter.

1. Shoulder Injury: Athletic activities refer to a lot of shoulder movement and this is one of the weakest joints of the body. Shoulder injury covers dislocations, strains on muscles, misalignment, and sprains of ligaments. The injuries can happen for strength or stabilization and for the lack of flexibility. The treatment starts with icing and resting for weeks and sometimes ends up in physiotherapies.

2.  Hamstring Strain: Hamstring strain or tear is a common injury for the athletes. Hamster string is located at the back of the thigh and that can be too tight to get injuries easily. For the lack of stretching or for poor stretching techniques can lead to hamstring string in most cases. Primarily, icing and resting are the treatments of this injury but if that does not work within two weeks, you need to follow further treatments.

3.  ACL Strain: Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) strain is one of the most common injuries athletes encounter. The ligaments inside the knees got torn or strained and lead to uncountable suffering. Instability during walking and increased swelling are the symptoms of this injury and quick consulting with the surgeon is a must. It will require surgery and a few months’ physiotherapies to get through it properly.

4.   Concussion: this is one of the serious injuries to the brain, which includes symptoms like dizziness, headache, confusion, nausea, sensitivity to light, delayed response, etc. When you encounter these symptoms, it should be treated by an experienced physician or trainer instantly and should not be taken lightly.

5.    Shin Splints: The pain in the lower leg bone or tibia is found mostly in athletes who are runners especially. The treatment refers to resting and icing and you need to work on the running activities gradually.

So, these are the most common sports injuries. But there are more sports injuries like these and all are serious in their perspectives.

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