3 Reasons Why Children Are Likely to Suffer from Malocclusion

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Malocclusion (misaligned teeth) happens to be a common problem/issue in children. Misaligned teeth are likely to cause speech-oriented problems if they are left untreated in the long run. That is because misaligned teeth are bound to interfere with the tongue movements whilst you speak. An orthodontist in San Antonio, TX is the right man to approach if you want to keep all of your child’s problems relating to malocclusion at bay.

Children are likely to suffer from malocclusion because of a wide set of reasons. In most cases, malocclusion occurs in children because of either environmental or genetic factors. To begin with, several childhood habits, such as nail-biting and thumb sucking, might lead to malocclusion.

Here’s why children are likely to suffer from malocclusion:

Malocclusion Happens to be Hereditary

In some cases, malocclusion happens to be hereditary. This means the problem can be passed from the parents to their offspring. Moreover, misalignments can occur because of a considerable difference between the size of the jaw and teeth. This problem can lead to overcrowding (and overbites).

Birth Defects Also Lead to Malocclusion

Facial defects of some sort or the other are highly likely in children because of the complexity of the face. There are times when malocclusion occurs because of the countless changes (or defects) in the orofacial tissues. Interestingly, skeletal malocclusions occur when the mandibular growth gets distorted during fetal development. Approach an orthodontist in San Antonio, TX, if you are facing dental misalignments.

Deficiency of Vitamin D3 Can Also Lead to Malocclusion

The deficiency of Vitamin D3 can lead to rickets in growing children.  Rickets is a disease that tends to interfere with the development of the bones in children. There are times when this deficiency might hinder the growth and development of the jaw bone. A long-term deficiency of Vitamin B3 might also give rise to skeletal malocclusion. Such deficiencies are bound to creep into the picture because children are fussy eaters. Get this condition treated as soon as you possibly can by getting in touch with an orthodontist in San Antonio, TX.

In most cases, a dental health expert will make use of dental braces in San Antonio to eliminate the problem. Get in touch with only the best dentist in San Antonio in order to keep all the problems pertaining to dental misalignments at bay.

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