Orthognathic Surgery Procedures for Treating Malocclusion Conditions

by Orosurgery llc Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

If you are facing malocclusion issues, then your upper and lower jaw is not in the proper alignment. In general, the condition is termed as bad bite issue and can be treated using orthodontic treatments. In case the condition is not treated on time,then you have to look around for surgical procedures.

·     The condition can be inherited at the time of birth and is thus also referred to as congenital.

·     There are also chances that you could face this condition on account of a major accident.

·   Many experts have also suggested that individuals can develop this condition naturally.

No matter how you developed this issue, you need to seek the assistance of professional for orthognathic surgery in NJ. This is to avoid the mental trauma that you may face on account of bad bite conditions.

Other conditions and issues that you may face

On account of this condition, there are usually other types of issues that individuals face. Some such issues include speech difficulties, joint problems, facial disharmony, etc. For each condition mentioned above, Orosurgery, LLC offers the best solution.

The surgical procedure recommended

Experts usually recommend undergoing a surgical procedure for correcting minor and major facial issues when opting for procedure recommended by facial trauma surgery in NJ is carried out to help align the jaw in its original position.

The professional expert for Facial Trauma Surgery in NJ will also perform asymmetrical checks, which in most cases also ends up making use of temporary braces.

Are braces advisable?

In most cases, it is observed that undergoing the surgical procedure by Orosurgery, LLC the patient does not require making use of braces after the surgery. In few cases, where the condition gets severe, temporary use of braces may be suggested by experts.

Materials used during a surgical procedure

If undergoing Oral Pathology in NJ, professionals suggest using titanium-based screws and plates. These are used for keeping the law and mandible position intact. As the material used is generally low profile type so your overall looks will not be compromised.

Most experts, after Oral Pathology recommend avoiding making use of wired mesh to hold the teeth in the right position. This is done to avoid the feeling of discomfort for the patient.

Chances of allergic reactions

Since experts make use of industrial-grade titanium material during the surgical procedure, so the risk of developing side effects and allergic reactions also eliminates. In most cases, allergic reactions and side effects are never noticed.

Recovery period

The surgical procedure is generally performed within a short duration of time, depending on your condition. Once the procedure is performed, the recovery time is also instant. Patients do not have to be admitted after undergoing surgery.

In severe cases, an only overnight stay is recommended with quick recovery procedure. The surgical procedure is always considered as best way to treat bad bite issues and other facial disorders.

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