2 Healthy Kid-friendly Pasta Recipes For Snack Time

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Kids often love pasta because it tastes delicious and is versatile in its preaparation and presentation. Pasta is usually soft and easy to chew, making it an excellent option for young children still learning to eat solid foods. The shape and texture of pasta can also appeal to children, as it comes in various fun shapes and sizes that can be visually interesting and fun to eat. It is also one of the most leisurely meals to cook.

Here are some healthy pasta recipes for your kids' snack time:

1. Spinach Millet Pasta

Spinach millet pasta is an excellent option for kids who are gluten intolerant or have celiac disease, as it is gluten-free. Adding more whole grains and vegetables to your kids’ diet is also a healthy way. The combination of millet and spinach provides a good balance of nutrients, including fibre, protein, iron, and vitamins A and C.


-       1 cup Slurrp Farm’s Millet Noodles

-          5 cups water

-          1 cup spinach

-          2tbsp oil

-          1 cup vegetable (any vegetables available with you, e.g. Capsicum, carrot, tomatoes, onions etc.)


-          Cook the noodles in 4cup boiling water for 4 minutes

-          In Another pan, cook the boil I cup of water and add Spinach. Blanche it for 2-3 minutes

-          Drain the water from the noodles as well as the spinach

-          Add 2-3 tbsp of water to the spinach and puree it in the mixture

-          Take a pan to add 2 tbsp oil, toss the vegetables and let it cook for a minute

-          Add the noodles along with curry masala available with Slurrp Farm’s Millet noodles

-          Now add the spinach pure and let it cook

-          Serve it when hot

Mamma Mia! Yummy in your kids’ tummies!

2. Multigrain Pasta:

Multigrain pasta is made from a combination of different types of grains, typically wheat, barley, oats, and rye. These grains are mixed to create a nutritious and flavourful pasta with fibre, protein, and vitamins higher than traditional wheat-based pasta. Slurrp Farm’s multigrain pasta is made of all the above grains and has no artificial preservatives or colour, meaning the health quotient is high.


-       1 cup Slurrp Farm’s Multigrain Fusili pasta

-       4 cups water

-       1 cup of vegetables

-       2tbsp oil

-       1 cup cheese


-       Boil water and add 1 cup of pasta. Cook the pasta for 7 minutes

-       Drain the water from the pasta and let it sit

-       Take a pan to add 2 tbsp oil, and let it heat for a couple of minutes

-       Add the vegetables and stir it for 2 minutes

-       Add pasta and cook it

-       Top it off with some grated cheese

Voila! Pasta la vista

Slurrp Farm has multiple products that are natural and kid-friendly. They have natural sweeteners like jaggery powder and nut powder for baking desserts. No more guilt about unhealthy eating!

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