11 Tips to Inoculate Shiitake Mushroom Logs in 2020

by Delun Kang Agriculture

Summary: Hand cut Shiitake mushroom Log is inoculated with spores inside the holes which are drilled and covered by cheese wax.


Do you want to gain an understanding about mushroom log inoculation? If you want to get hold of edible mushrooms, then one of the best ways of attaining that objective is through cultivation. You may have been toying with the idea of mushroom farming on logs for quite some time. If you happen to have a woodlot in your possession, then you should take a walk in the woods to explore the possibilities. 


Before you start


The word shiitake is derived from the Japanese word “shii”. Many years ago, the cultivation of shiitake began in various parts of Japan. You should develop an understanding about mushroom cultivation before you decide to embark on your journey. Shiitake mushroom Log is ideal for growing mushrooms indoors


1. Delving into the process


The cultivation of mushrooms using a Shiitake mushroom Log is an easy process. From the trees, logs are cut for shiitake mushrooms. These activities are performed in the winter or beginning of the spring season.


2. Ideal temperature


The cutting of trees takes place generally when the average temperature is around fifty degrees during daytime and freezing temperature at nighttime. 


3. Rich sap content


The winter or early spring is chosen because, at this time of the year, the sap of the trees moves to the upper part. This, in turn, ensures a steady supply of food to the toadstools. 


4. During incubation


After inoculation of the substrate, you should incubate to ensure full colonization. Generally, it takes a time gap of one to three weeks for the entire process to take place. 


5. Avoid unwanted fungi


You should have a cautious approach during colonization. Make sure that there are no undesirable fungi. 


6. Green wood


It is a smart idea to begin your journey with green wood. The aim is to make use of wood that has not previously been colonized by unwanted fungi.


7. Decomposition aspect


The moisture content in green wood is high. This helps in the setting of mycelium and acts as an essential food source because decomposition has not yet started.


8. All about fruiting


It is easier to tackle the harvesting of logs if their diameter varies between three inches to six inches and the length is in the range of three to four feet. It will be challenging to cope up with logs which are longer because after soaking the weight increases immensely.


9. Growing season


To get a flush of mushrooms, soaking is recommended for twenty four hours. Soaking is done on a rotational basis so that each one is not soaked more than once in every five weeks. 


10. Life span


Oak logs assure longer fruitful life span. You can use hardwoods such as cherry and birch, but they will provide a much shorter life span. 


11. Before inoculation


Ideally, the green logs should be given a chance to sit for approximately two weeks. This will provide an opportunity for dissipation of the compounds before inoculation.   


Decide intelligently 


It would help if you did homework in details using the net so that you can come across a company which produces high-quality mushroom logs. 


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