10 Most Important Tips For Mushroom Cultivation For 2019

by Delun Kang Agriculture

For growing mushrooms, one need not be an experienced mycologist. However, one needs to follow the right technique. Whether you grow mushrooms for yourself or as a business, the following tips would help you to achieve the desired yield and quality.

1)      Avoid doing everything by yourself: The whole process of production includes steps like sourcing supplies, mixing and inoculating the substrate, moving to grow bags, harvesting, cleaning, composting and delivering it to customers. However, you can buy mushroom logs for cultivation from one of the leading manufacturers of mushrooms which will make your task a bit easier.

2)      Plan the species: The species you choose to cultivate determines the production process and the time and equipment that are required. Though people mostly begin with shitake Mushroom Logs, it is best to start with oyster mushrooms because oyster mushrooms grow very quickly. Species may vary depending on the purpose. For instance, medicinal or growing it for own living.

3)      Plan production size and investment: You should determine the number of mushrooms you want to produce and the amount of investment you can make. Factors like how much space you need and the species you want to grow to depend on the production size. This will, in turn,help you to determine the number of buyers to whom you can supply and how much you need to stock.

4)      Know about spawns: Those who cultivate mushrooms as a hobby mostly begin with mushroom spawns. It is just any substance that has been inoculated with mycelium. Before you begin, you need to know about the various types of spawns, the way it is used and about its availability.

5)      The right environment: Different species require different habitats and environment. Factors like temperature of air and ground, light, exchange of fresh air and humidity contribute to growth of mushrooms. Mushroom cultivation may fail without the right environment.

6)      Avoid contamination: One of the most common problems encountered in the cultivation of mushrooms is contamination caused by incorrect sterilization. To avoid this, the substrates should be sterilized. The containers, work surfaces, equipment and gloves should be treated with alcohol apart from keeping the environment clean and tidy.

7)      Prevent thermogenesis: When mycelium decomposes the organic matter, thermogenesis occurs. As in compost piles, the substrates start to generate heat on their own. If the temperature in the fruiting room runs at an optimum level, it is likely that the temperature of the substrate may go beyond that and kill the mycelium.

8)      Determine your goal: When you decide on mushroom production, you must set your goals. You may cultivate it just to get the taste of homegrown mushrooms or to meet the local demand. Whatever your goal is, the quality of your mushrooms should reveal its true power.

9)      Have patience: Cultivation of mushrooms commercially involves a number of processes, takes a lot of time and can be stressful. In the beginning, you may not happen as expected but patience and perseverance will bring you success in the long run.

10)  Do not cut corners: Since the cost of producing mushrooms is low, it does not make sense to cut corners in order to save costs. To achieve success one should invest in the right equipment since the beginning.

Cultivation of mushrooms is not tough provided you follow the aforementioned tips.

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