11 Simple Tricks To Make Cleaning Process Easier

by Aria Akachi Writer & Web marketing consultant

No one like to spend more hours in the cleaning process. Whether you are fit & fine or suffering from health issues like arthritis, limited mobility, everybody wants to complete the home cleaning task quickly, simply and efficiently. 

Here, we have collected some tips and tricks for your home improvement ideas that will make your cleaning process easier than ever. 

These ideas are given by various smart people around the world and we have collected all of them in one place. 

You should try these tips at least once and see how it will make your daily cleaning tasks simpler

1. Keep Your Body Straight

If you are cleaning rooms with vacuum, mop, rake, or shovel the avoid bending your upper body. Try to keep your body straight and you can bend your knees little bit. 

It will significantly reduce the amount of strain on your back and prevent you from backache. For quick cleaning your rooms, try a heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaner.

2. Avoid Hunching over While Cleaning Your Dishes

To keep your back straight while washing your dishes, open the cabinet behind your sink and place on foot inside that cabinet. 

With this trick, you can bend your knees so that you keep your back straight and quickly and painlessly complete your dishes. 

You can try any other technique that will reduce strain on your back and make the dish cleaning task simpler.

3. Try Automated Cleaners

There are various automatic cleaning gadgets are available in the market such as robot industrial vacuum cleaner, a self-cleaning litter box, a hands-free carpet cleaner, and many more! You can purchase anyone as per your convenience.

Usually, these automatic cleaning gadgets are costly but can really help you with cleaning tasks. That means your investment with really worth it.

4. Divide Your Tasks Throughout The week

Rather than doing the various cleaning tasks in one day, it is recommended to do one or two -tasks every day. It will help in making your day less stressful. 

Doing all at once is really difficult and painful. While removing dust from your rooms and under the furniture prefer to use vacuum cleaner industrial.

5. Store Important Things At Easily Accessible Places

Imagine if you are storing your cleaning supplies downstairs and your kitchen is upstairs then you may need to go up and down much time during a cleaning day. 

To reduce stress store your cleaning solution at easily accessible areas so that you can conveniently locate them.  

It will not just make your cleaning process less painful but also save your precious time that was wasted in moving those supplies stairs.

6. Immediately Treat The Stain

If we talk about stains on clothing and carpet, the quicker you treat it, it would be better for you! 

Dry stains are tougher to remove that cleaning them immediately. Therefore, never leave the stains for later cleaning.

7. Soak In Soapy water

If you have some pots or pans with crusted-on-mess then soak them in soapy hot water for a few hours and see the magic. Soaking has the power to clean the tough stains and messes. 

You can clean the rigid soap scum over your shower with the help of cleaning spray. Let the cleaning spray sit over your shower for fifteen minutes and wash it with hot water. 

This trick will clean your things without putting much effort into scrubbing.  That means less scrubbing and more cleaning.

8. Take Appropriate Tools

Always search for good tools that will make your cleaning tasks simpler. For instance, Baseboard Buddy tool has a cleaning pad attached to an extendable handle, so you can wipe your baseboards clean without bending or reaching! 

You can also try an industrial vacuum cleaner for efficient and quick cleaning tasks.

9. Don't let Your Closet Fill Up

It’s easy to let your closet fill up with clothes you don’t wear regularly, or at all. 

An easy way to keep track of what gets worn and what doesn’t is to put it back into your closet facing the opposite way after wearing it. 

After a few weeks, the items left facing the same way are items you may want to consider donating!

10. Organize Everything

A collection of small items can add up to big clutter on your bathroom counter or vanity. Keep smaller items, such as nail polishes, essential oils, lipsticks, in a cute container, like a vintage-inspired tea tin or a decorative box. You’ll stay organized while also adding some visual appeal!

11. Item Labelling Is Helpful

It may seem silly, but everyone I talk to who owns a label maker RAVES about it (myself included!). 

There’s something about having a clearly labeled bin that is immensely calming and satisfying. 

It also cuts down on the constant flow of “Where are [insert object here]?!?” questions from children and husbands. ;-) Plus, label makers are just plain fun to use!

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