11 Effective Reasons to include fresh pomegranate in your everyday diet

by Vinni S. SEO Executive
If you are a fruit-watcher then you must not want to exclude pomegranates from the everyday diet, right? Everyone should fond of this fruit as it is considered as one of the best fruits in the globe that offers immense health benefits. Either it is naturally grown or a hybrid one, the goodness never decreases. Hence, it has the name of a divine fruit. It has anti-tumor, anti-viral, and antioxidant properties. In fact, its antioxidant amount is much greater than green tea or wine. It is rich in vitamins and folic acid. Regular consumption of this fruit relives in many diseases too. For the best quality, it is always advisable to buy fruits from a fresh hybrid or naturally developed pomegranate exporter in the city.

Here are some key advantages offered by the consumption of pomegranate. Continue reading till its end.

1. Offers protection from free radicals in the blood
Antioxidants are known to eliminate free radicals from the bloodstream, which can cause premature aging. Pomegranate is enriched with antioxidant elements.

2. Thins your blood
Again, antioxidants are known as a blood thinner, which means they prevent blood clotting or coagulation in the arteries, heart, and any other parts inside the body.

3. Prevents atherosclerosis
With the irregular lifestyle and growing age, people are prone to having harder cell walls due to excess cholesterol in their blood. It often can induce blockages. The presence of antioxidants in the body reduces oxidation levels of bad cholesterol. Hence, pomegranate helps in preventing artery walls’ hardening and eliminates excess fat from the body.

4. Is an oxygen mask
Antioxidants fight with the free radicals in the bloodstream, prevent blood clotting, introduce free flowing of blood, and improve oxygen level in the body.

5. Prevents arthritis
Consumption of pomegranate helps in reducing cartilage damage by eliminating the enzyme responsible for it. Pomegranate also reduces all sorts of inflammation.

6. Protects from ED
Pomegranate juice cannot act like a drug for eliminating ED (erectile dysfunction) in men but its regular consumption can slightly improve the situation.

7. Fights prostate cancer symptoms
Various studies have shown that this fruit juice has the capacity to lower prostate cancer symptoms. It decreases the growth of cancer cells and slowly removes them. And, as it is a blood thinner, it prevents various heart diseases too.

8. Loaded with essential nutrients
Pomegranate is loaded with sugar, calories, fiber, protein, minerals (folate, potassium), and vitamins (C, K).

9. Improves memory
Various studies have shown that daily consumption of 237 ml pomegranate juice every day can enhance visual and verbal memory. Another rat experiment has shown positive results to cure Alzheimer’s in the rats.

10. Lowers blood pressure
Pomegranate includes punicic acid which helps in lowering bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and reduces BP.

11. Aids digestion
Pomegranate has fiber content which aids in digestion. In fact, one medium-sized pomegranate can offer 45% of the daily fiber requirements in the human body.

So, contact any fresh hybrid pomegranate exporter in the town to enjoy more health benefits of this fruit such as boosted immunity, lowered stress level, and prevention from plaque.

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