Various types of Specialized Textile Chemicals that make the fabric look attractive

by Vinni S. SEO Executive
Various types of Specialized Textile Chemicals that make the fabric look attractive

Textile industry stands on various types of efforts be it human or machine. Various things are required to make any fabric look beautiful. Various types of chemicals and yarns are used to make cloth or fabric. There are some common as well as special textile chemicals available in the market.

The offered range with the specialized textile chemicals manufacturers includes
• yarn lubricants,
• designing agents,
• bleaching agents,
• Surfactants,
• printing auxiliaries,
• brightening agents,
• finishing agents,
• Coating, etc.

These are very essential for Textile Industries.

The fixing agent is used to fix for unfixed dye on fabrics. After the fabric color is properly fixed the color fastness & rubbing fastness is gradually increased.

Catanizer is used in pigment finish method processing. The pigment is a color, not dyestuff which has no affinity to the fabric. When catanizer is used in fabric it increases the affinity between pigment color & fabrics.

Bleaching agents
Bleaching agents are mixtures which help remove the color from materials such as textiles. In earlier times fabrics used to be bleached by exposure to the sun and air. Today most commercial bleaches are oxidizing agents, such as sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) or hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which is quite active in \"decolorizing\" substances via oxidation.

Surfactants stir up activity on the surface you are cleaning to help trap dirt and remove it from the surface being primary components of detergents.
• Soaps (free fatty acid salts)
• Fatty acid sulfonates (the most common of which is sodium lauryl sulfate, or SLS)
• Ethoxylated compounds, such as ethoxylated propylene glycol.
• Lecithin.
• Polygluconates is generally a glorified name for short-chain starches

Printing auxiliaries
Printing auxiliaries have a special film-forming effect of adhesive. This attaches insoluble dyes to fabric strongly to color the fabric. Printing auxiliaries comprises textile chemical thickener, binding agent, crosslinking agent, emulsifier, fixing agent, dispersing agent, silicone softener, defoamers and so on.t can make the dyeing material evenly dispersed and accurately fixed in a certain position of the fabric without infiltration, making the outline of the pattern clear.

Optical brightening agents
Optical brightening agents are one of the special textile chemicals added to everything from linen pants and shirts to socks and underwear. Fabrics and cleaners containing OBAs in more quantity will appear brighter than those with small quantity.

Yarn lubricants
Yarn lubricants are manufactured by manufacturers of special textile chemicals to reduce frictional properties during abrasion while increasing the overall quality of the product. They work to reduce fiber-to-fiber and fiber-to-metal friction by forming a film on the yarn surface. Apart from helping in the laminar flow, decreasing turbulence and foaming through the application, yarn lubricants also guarantee uniformity in dyeing, finishing, and pilling of yarns and fabrics.

Where to buy all these specialized chemicals?

There are many Specialized Textile Chemicals Manufacturers in India that can provide a wide range of chemicals and in various quantities. Here is how they can help:
• Delivery with a large network of distributors across the nation
• Supply Eco- friendly products essential for textile printing, at affordable rates.
• own quality-testing labs equipped with every obligatory testing instrument
• Produce consistent quality products throughout the year.

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