10 Ways To Show Your Customers That You Care

by Joseph Ricard Director

Your business might have the best products or services of all time and you might be a leader in the sector. But, if you don’t show customers you care, then they will walk away from you without looking back. 

Everyone loves to be appreciated and especially your clients, who are investing their money and time in your business. They need to know that you are worth their love and you are not taking them for granted. 

So, in this article, we will list 10 ways to help you appreciate your client and prove to them that your love for them is true. 

Don’t Forget To Thank Them

Since your customers are the reasons why your business is thriving, it is time to thank them. Just take a break from automated replies, emails, tweets and take the time to write a message expressing your gratitude towards them. 

If you are a small business that sells certain products, then you can send out cute thank you notes with their orders. Trust me, this might seem unimportant but it works like a charm. 

Everyone loves a little effort and seeing that small card will brighten their day and bring smiles to their faces. So, never miss an opportunity to show gratitude. 

Know Their Interests

There are chances that you might have customers who are your regulars and their orders are almost always the same. So, make sure you remember those preferences and interests. 

This way if they want to order again, you can always ask them if they want to repeat their last orders or would like to get something new? 

This will surely show them that your company prioritizes the customers and take their choices seriously. Not only that, but try to remember special events and if your database says it’s their birthday, offer them a freebie or special discount. 

These little things can really help a business grow and they will keep coming back to you. 

Make Eye Contact

No, this is not a scene out of a romantic movie but it is actually a real-life tip that can tell your customers a lot without telling anything. That is the power of eye contact. 

When your customers walk into your store, tell your employees to be as present as possible. While they are asking something or ordering something, ask them to maintain subtle eye contact with the customers. 

A lot of time when a customer is asking something, employees keep doing other stuff like arranging the shelves, typing something, talking to other people, etc. 

This makes the customers feel ignored and they think that they are not paying attention to them. So, try to be present and maintain eye contact with them while they are talking even if it’s for 30 seconds. 

Special Events For Special Occasions

This is a very common tip. Most businesses host special events or special sales during any occasion. 

You can do the same but just tweak it a little bit. Express your gratitude to your customers by inviting them to special events and giving them special offers or gifts or VIP access to a few old customers. 

This is an awesome way to get your customer’s attention and increase your revenue at the same time. You can also host these events without any reason and just surprise them. Even better, no?

Have Genuine Conversations

It is good to be friendly at times and not too formal. When you spot a customer walking in, start by greeting them with a smile, ask them how they are doing and how can you help them. 

Also, when you spot a returning customer, ask them about the trip they took or how their anniversaries went. Maybe, give them a little extra something as a token of appreciation. 

But, remember to stay within your limits and don’t be too nosy. Just keep it calm and cool. 

Acknowledge When Something Goes Awry

There can be times when things go wrong and you receive complaints. Instead of trying to stow it away, admit the mistake and if necessary, go out of your way to fix it. 

Nothing is more important than customer satisfaction and making sure that the same mistake does not happen again. Show them respect, acknowledge what went wrong and rectify it without whining about them complaining. 

Your customers are spending their money and time on you and hence they have the right to complain if they are not getting the money’s worth. 

Stick To your Claims

A lot of companies make a lot of claims but they forget to stick with them. If you are making a claim, stick with it. 

Our ex’s don’t keep their promises and you might be someone’s ex too, but your customers expect you to keep your promises and deliver what you are actually claiming. 

So, don’t be like a toxic ex and live upto the promises you make. 

Don’t Forget Your Manners

Remember the manners that your school taught you as a child? The simple “please”, “thank you”, “have a nice day” gestures?

Well, it is time to bring them back and incorporate them into your business. Whenever a customer comes in use please wherever possible or requesting for the payment and when they leave say thanks and wish them. 

For example, John walked in to get his regular Iced Americano and made the payment. You say “Thank you, Sir, please visit again, have a nice day.”

These simple things can help your business in the long run and employee behavior is also a driving aspect of customer satisfaction. 

Be Polite, Soft, and Humanly

This is again a very common way to show your customers that you care about them. Instead of being too straightforward, robotic, or formal, be polite and soft while talking to them. 

There’s already too much negativity and chaos going around in the world and maybe your sweet effort of 30 sec might lift their moods and make their days. 

You never know what someone’s going through and how a smile can change someone’s day. It doesn’t hurt to be a little more caring towards the world. 

Appreciate Their Feedbacks

Your customers are always ready to give their inputs at any time. But, they won’t do it all the time. 

So, you should always encourage them and ask them for suggestions and if they have any ideas that will help your business. There are a lot of creative minds out there and you might just get hit with a lot of awesome ideas. 

If you have launched anything new, prepare to give out samples and ask for their reviews on it and if they have any complaints, then ask them what they think could be better. 

Always appreciate their feedback, suggestions and encourage them to voice their opinions. 

Wrapping Up

Your customers are a major part of keeping your business up and running. Disappointing them is a bad idea and you want to make sure that they know you care about them. 

If you make your customers feel good, then you would feel good about your business too. It is all in these little things. 

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