5 Ways How to Genuinely Care For Your Customers

by Czarina R. Content Manager and SEO

Genuinely care for your customers because just like everyone else, your customers wants to know they mean something to others. Take time out to communicate what they mean to you.

Customer appreciation is often viewed as a lost art. But it is a great way to retains customers. Keeping loyal customers affects your ceiling and is way less expensive than getting new ones. Smart businesses know that showing customers how much they genuinely care is an opportunity to win people over for life.

We don't want our customers get dissatisfied with our business and lost them, right?

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Below, we’ll take a look at five genuine ways to incorporate customer appreciation into your support routine without skipping a beat.

1. Personalize your customer service

There are many ways to personalize your customer service to show you genuinely care for them. Check out some examples below to get you started:

  • Use their names, first name that is. Don't just say Mr so and so. Address them like you would a friend. You don't call you friend by their last name, right? If the name is John Smith, address him as John. Not Mr. Smith or John Smith.
  • Smile and make eye contact for more personalized customer service. This is particularly true with a physical store, but would be different with ecommerce. However, people know when you are happy to be with them even if they are not physically around. It shows in the way you type what you are saying or in the choices of your words.
  • Implement a loyalty program. Loyalty programs like , unique offers in exchange for reward points. Special rewards for referrals for instance is a great way to reward customer loyalty. Or you can perhaps roll out a bonus point campaign. Another great idea is to organize a prize draw for your loyalty members. Plenty of them ideas out there.
  • Be human. This one is just that, be a better human being. A lot of times, we are so caught up with making sales that we forget the humanity side of business. There is more to life than just making sales, to put it simply.
  • Make recommendations. When you are not able to provide the resources your customer is looking for, do not hesitate to make a recommendations. Recommendations does not only for resource, it can also be done in behalf of your customer.

2. Send a handwritten thank-you note

Never underestimate the importance of two little words: thank you. For your ecommerce business, these two words can boost the mood of your employees, encourage brand loyalty among customers, and nurture relationships with suppliers and professional partners.

A simple little thank you note can make your customer feel loved and send their lifetime spend through the roof.

Sending business thank-you cards benefit organizations across a range of industries. Any business that deals with members of the public can find opportunities to say thank you with a card. It is one of the most doable way to genuinely care for your customers, yet so few do it.

Customer appreciation is an investment in yourself. If you’re reluctant to spend the time and effort into sending out thank you for your purchase notes, consider it an investment.

3. Check in with customers

The Internet has made it simultaneously much easier and much harder to check in with your customers. The logistical side of checking in is miles easier than it’s ever been — you’ve got loads of options, and you can instantly connect with people pretty much anywhere in the world. But you’ve got to get a little more creative, both in your medium and in your delivery. We then got a great piece of advice:

Only reach out to customers with a value add.

Check in with customers through email, and social media. I find social media to be more effective as it is not that intrusive.

4. Don’t let red tape get in the way

When an organization is bogged down by restrictions and policies or there are inefficiencies within the administrative workflow, service really takes a hit on the chin. Your business is obviously not the government. Why so many rules? Why so many hoops?

It’s time to cut away everything that stands between you and your customers. Making it easy for them to do business with you will make it easy for them to recommend your product or services. Dont hide behind your company policies. A good way is to make things simple for your customers to transact with your business.

5. Recognize unique opportunities

To be successful ecommerce merchant, we need to be continually innovating and looking for opportunities to grow our business.

How do you find new opportunities to take your startup to new markets and growth levels?

When you’re targeting potential customers listen to their needs, wants, challenges and frustrations with your industry. Have they used similar products and services before? What did they like and dislike? Why did they come to you? What are their objections to your products or services?

When you’re talking to your customers listen to what they are saying about your industry, products and services. What are their frequently asked questions? Experiences? Frustrations? Feedback and complaints? Things like that goes a long way to show you genuinely care for your customers.

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