Brushing Teeth in Morning. What Are Other Ways to Keep Teeth Healthy?

by Asad Waheed Consultant

You must be brushing teeth in the morning to clean them. Good habits ensure that there are minimal dental problems and your teeth are always healthy. Some good habits that are often suggested by family dentistry New Orleans are mentioned under.

1-Brush Properly

While brushing teeth is necessary, the way of brushing is equally important. Not brushing them well same to not brushing them altogether. Take your time, and move the brush in gentle and circular motions to remove any plaque that is there. Any uncleaned plaque will gradually harden, and that leads to gingivitis.

2-Clean the Tongue Too

Plaque can also build upon the tongue. It can lead to foul mouth odour and host of other health problems. Brush tongue whenever you brush teeth. Get a tongue cleaner and use it regularly.

3-Fluoride Containing Toothpaste Helps

When it comes to toothpaste, there are many things to consider. Flavours and whitening powder are only useful to taste, ensure that it contains fluoride. While the element is under scrutiny from those who are worried about its impact on health, it still holds the key in oral health. It is because fluoride is leading elements that contain tooth decay. It works by fighting germs which can cause decay as well as provide a protective barrier for the teeth.

4-Flossing Is Important as Brushing

It is an important oral hygiene habit, that cleans and dislodges food that is stuck between the teeth. It reduces the bacteria and plaque in the mouth. Plaque is layer build-up on teeth that causes cavities and gum diseases. While you might be brushing daily, flossing is often ignored. However, it would be best if you flossed correctly else it can damage your teeth and gums.

5-Use a Mouthwash

It is suitable for oral health. However, but it is often ignored as the benefits are not known. Using a mouthwash reduces the amount of acid in the mouth. It cleans those areas that are difficult to reach in and around the gums. It is handy for the elderly who can’t brush due to some reason.

6-Take More Water

It is the best beverage for health, including oral health too. It is crucial to drink water after every meal. It can wash out some negative effect of the sticky and acidic foods and beverages until your brush again.


While these are some ways to keep teeth healthy, it is best to contact family dentistry New Orleans in case there is any problem. 

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