10 reasons why you should learn Python

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It's clear that Python is the 21st century's most lucrative programming language. Edureka is one of the best Python Training provider for learners that we have been following for many years. We also consider it one of the top coding schools for kids.

It's worth looking at Python's unique advantages and applications, given the tech industry's demand and growth.

Python is in good company. JavaScript, JavaScript and C Suite are among the highest-paid programming skills of this year, with many making it to the top coding languages list. Every computer scientist is going to want to master each one. This brings us to the question that every budding coder should be asking:

What is the value of learning Python? What are the career benefits of learning Python?

Python: Why Python is important

Our guide to Python's future in 2020's job market, and its role in the most recent technology, is a must-read. We are confident that you will not be asking why Python is important in 2020's job market or how to get started.

1. Python is a highly lucrative programming language

As with JavaScript, Ruby and Java, Python skills can lead to lucrative careers.

The value of Python has grown significantly in the last three years. Python is a great investment because of its average salary. However, when compared to Ruby, which is currently the top earner, Python's versatility means it's a winner in the job market.

Any programming language's future depends on its effectiveness and usability. Both of these areas are favorable for Python, which bodes well to its market value.

2. Python is used in machine-learning and artificial intelligence. These are cutting-edge fields of tech.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are everywhere, from Uber ETA's to Google finishing sentences to Netflix knowing which shows you enjoy, and Google finishing your sentences to Google.

It's exciting to consider where we are going if we can take a moment and appreciate how recent these developments are. Python will undoubtedly be at the forefront AI innovation.

Experts believe that Python is the best programming language to use for machine learning and artificial Intelligence. Its rich libraries and frameworks make it ideal for launching new ideas. More details will follow. It's also concise and well supported by a large community of programmers who are known for sharing their failures and successes.

Learning Python is a great way to get in the "room where it happens", the epicenter for the most innovative new technologies such as machine learning, and other exciting ones.

3. Python is simple to learn and well-structured

Learning Python is a great way to get started if you feel intimidated or unsure coding is right for you.

Python was designed with ease-of-use in mind. Its syntax is more similar to English than other languages. It enforces the "whitespace rule", which makes it easier to read and less overwhelming.

Edureka knows from personal experience that Python is a great pairing for children. We've been teaching children to code for more than 20 years. Python is a great choice if you are looking for an easy coding language to get started programming.

4. Data science is Python's best friend.

Python is joining the data science revolution. It is likely that data science will be 2020's most popular career field. Let's go back a few steps to clarify what data science actually is.

Data science, in a nutshell is tech's alchemy: It takes huge amounts of data and turns it into valuable information. The businesses then use that information to find innovative solutions to problems that they may not otherwise have been able to identify.

Are you ready to see some amazing examples of data science in action! Southwest Airlines saved $100 million by using data science to reduce idle time. It optimized UPS's fuel consumption, reducing emissions and saving them $39million. How did this magic happen? Python programming.

Data science has an average annual salary at $100,560. This is due to its increasing demand and the variety of jobs available. The field has seen a 650% increase in growth since 2012 and continues to grow.

Learn Python to be a success in this field. Its capabilities can handle large data sets and solve big business problems.

5. Python programming can be used on any platform.

Python is known as the "Swiss Army Knife of coding." It is a programming language that doesn't discriminate between platforms. It works on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Python's applications are practically limitless. How to create a website? Python can do this. What about web frameworks? Yes. Yes. Yes, even some game development.

Nobody likes to see their skills pigeonholed. Fortunately, Python programmers will never face this problem.

6. Python is growing in job market demand

Python will be a prominent presence in the future tech industry as one of the highest-earning programming languages, and one of its most widely used.

We can still say that coding is important even without any data. The Department of Labor predicts another 546,200 new coding jobs by 2028 in the United States. We believe that Python-related careers will continue to be high-paying and represent a substantial portion of this pie.

However, don't believe us. The 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey confirmed that Python is the fastest-growing programming language. It is #1 in Google's programming tutorial search results for a reason. Python is highly in demand and people are paying attention.

7. Python dives into deep learning

Although there is some overlap between these two areas and the data science applications mentioned earlier, it's worth mentioning this again in light Python's use in deep learning.

What exactly is deep learning? Deep learning is a branch in machine learning that categorizes things based on how they look, sound or are read. Computers can do this now.

Deep learning is possible with Python. It is often used to do amazing things in deep learning.

We don't know what the future tech looks like if that's not it.

8. Amazing graphics can be created by Python

Coding is sometimes criticized for being a profession that appeals only to logical skills. However, this could not be further from the truth.

Python is a favorite tool for creative types because of its stunning game graphics and ability to create new images with deep learning. Python is a combination of right-brained artistry and coder precision. It offers the best of both.

9. Python has a great library for testing in tech, and it supports testing in Python.

Experts agree that Python is the best language for testing new software. Remember the whole "Swiss Army Knife of code" thing, the versatility across platforms and the "whitespace rule?" Here is where it all comes together.

Python code is simpler and more concise than most of its peers. This makes it a much more useful programming language for solving problems. It's compatible all major platforms so it is not a problem.

This language's large library is another major attraction. It doesn't send politely threatening notices about overdue payments.

Libraries like TensorFlow and PyTorch provide code samples that can be used in a wide range of programming projects. These resources are invaluable for both experts and novices, and they provide support communities.

10. Python programming beginners have a lot of free resources at their disposal

It can be intimidating to learn something new, particularly if it turns the inner workings and most advanced software and tech tools in the world.

It doesn't have to be this way!

You can find dozens of quality platforms that are free for anyone with programming experience. We know that sometimes it is necessary to have a coach who can help you dive in. This is why we offer both online tutoring and small-group after school programs for children.

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