7 reasons why you should learn python in 2020

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Are you working in Data Science, Machine learning or want to make a career and explore in Python programming language? Here are the reasons to tell why Python Programming is important in 2020.

Python Programming language is replaced by java, C languages in 2016 and now many big companies like Google, IBM, Pinterest, and Yahoo are widely using Python. As many companies are relying on the Python language, it is easy to build a career and make good money as Python developers.

Python is going to impact the future of a software developer as its demand is increasing day by day. It will be a plus for the developers who will learn Python as it makes them a better programmer. 

7 Reasons to learn Python Programming language in 2020:

If you are thinking to learn Python but not sure why to learn, then below are the 7 reasons which highlight the importance of learning Python programming in 2020.
1. Are you a New Programmer? Learn Python quickly:

This is the biggest reason to learn the Python language for beginners. When we start with programming and coding, obviously it is difficult of having programming language with tough syntax and scripts. Python Programming is very simple and readable. 

It is a preferable scripting language that is easy to learn the syntax for new programmers. It is easy to write scripts using Python which makes many works automate.

2. Web Development:
Python offers web frameworks Django, Flask which makes application development process very easy. It is easy to complete tasks within minutes using Python than other languages. While many websites are still using PHP, Many big companies are now depending on python.

3. Data Science:

Python offers many libraries and frameworks like PyBrain, PymySQL, numpy, scipy on artificial intelligence, Data Science, and machine learning is one of the main reason which makes Python Programming as a preferred language over Java, C, C++.

4. Machine Learning:

This is another reason why it is necessary to learn Python programming in 2020. We know that the growth of Machine learning is increasing rapidly from the last couple of years. Nowadays, algorithms are developing rapidly like Google search algorithms. They have spiders around to answer the queries generated by the user. Python-programming is the major important language that makes it easy to create. 

5. Different Libraries and Frameworks:

One of the similarities between python-programming and java is a number of libraries, frameworks, and modules. It offers numerous libraries and frameworks to handle different needs. Libraries Django and the flask is used for web development. Numpy and Spicy are mainly used for Data Science.

6. Automation:

Python language is very powerful by its automotive stuff and writing scripts tool. Major platforms such as data mining, big data, Data science depends on Python which makes ideal language to work for general-purpose tasks. It is easy to write scripts using Python tool which makes many works automate.

7. Multipurpose:

Learning Python-programming means learning how to do many things with one tool. Because It is used for multipurpose. It is easy to create web applications using Django and flask and can do Data analysis using NumPy, Scipy, and NLTK.
These are some reasons why we have to learn Python course in 2020. If you are a programmer in java or C++, taking a python course not only makes you a polyglot programmer but also can write many scripts that automate work, create web applications and creates an open door to enter major platforms like Data Science, Machine learning and Artificial intelligence.

If you are a new programmer in Bangalore who does not know programming and coding, Python training institute in Bangalore is the best course to start learning code.
Useful Resources to learn Python:

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