Why Learn Python?

by Vijayshri A. IT Expert

Python is a language that is simulated, so that it may be used to construct just about anything, that will be made simple with the ideal tools/libraries.

Professionally, Python is very good for backend web development, information analysis, artificial intelligence, and scientific computing. Many programmers have also used Python to construct productivity programs, games, and desktop programs, so there are loads of tools that will assist you understand how to do these too.

Beginner Friendliness

Python was designed to be simple to comprehend and enjoyable to use (its title originated out of Monty Python so lots of its newcomer tutorials mention it). Interesting is a superb motivator, and as you will have the ability to construct prototypes and resources fast together with Python, many locate coding in Python a gratifying encounter. Therefore, Python has gained fame for becoming a beginner-friendly language, and it's replaced Java since the very common introductory language in Top U.S. Universities.

Simple to Understand

Being a very large level language, Python reads just like English, which requires a great deal of syntax-learning strain off coding novices. Python manages a whole lot of sophistication for you, therefore it's very beginner-friendly since it enables beginners to concentrate on learning programming theories and not need to think about too much specifics.

Very Flexible

As a dynamically interpreted language, Python is very flexible. This implies there are no hard rules about the best way best to construct attributes, and you're going to have more flexibility solving problems using different approaches (although the Python doctrine encourages using the clear way to address matters ). What's more, Python is also more forgiving of mistakes, which means you will continue to have the ability to compile and run your program before you reach the debatable part.


Not Simple to Keep Because Python is a dynamically typed language, the exact same thing can certainly imply something different depending upon the circumstance. As a Python program grows bigger and more complicated, this can get hard to keep as mistakes will get hard to monitor and fix, so it is going to take insight and expertise to learn how to layout your code or write unit tests to facilitate maintainability.


As a dynamically typed language, Python is slow because it's too flexible and the machine would have to do a great deal of referencing to make sure exactly what the definition of something is, and this slows Python down performance.

At any rate, there are choices like PyPy which are quicker implementations of Python. While they may still not be as quickly as Java, by way of instance, it certainly improves the speed considerably.

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According to the TIOBE index, Python is the 4th hottest programming language from 100

With the development of Ruby on Rails and more lately Node.js, Python's use as the primary prototyping language for backend web development has diminished somewhat, particularly since it's a fragmented MVC ecosystem. But with large data becoming increasingly more significant, Python has become an art that's much more in demand than ever, particularly it can be incorporated into web applications.

As an open source project, Python is worked on using a moderate upgrade cycle, pushing out new versions every year or so to make sure it remains applicable.

A programming language's ability to remain relevant also depends upon if the language is becoming new blood. Concerning search volume for anyone interested in learning Python, it's skyrocketed to the 1st location when compared to other languages.

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