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Gear up for some beneficial health advice today. The nuances of health supplements are no hidden deal. They have been long in use to boost strength and endurance, both for short term and the long term health purposes. Amongst so many supplements present in the market, the most common are ubiquitous protein powders that are used to fuel muscle growth.

Speaking of muscles specifically, amino energy supplements are extremely helpful. They bring in positive outcomes, especially in athletes and bodybuilders who have an undue focus on muscle mass.

Now, one of the commonly put up question in this regard is about the safety of consuming amino energy supplements. Let us dig in deep to answer that.  


Amino acids are basically the building blocks of protein.  When we consume a whole protein product, such as a protein shake or any solid food like beef and poultry, our digestive system then breaks down those proteins into their amino acid constituents which in turn helps in the synthesis of muscle tissue. Amino acids also regulate the creation of neurotransmitters and regulate blood sugar levels.

Although there are twenty amino acids, but an amino energy supplements are manufactured with only three of them, termed as BCAAs, that is, branched chain amino acids. It involves leucine, isoleucine, and valine. They are named so because of the odd shape of compounds.

Each constituent has its own special function. For instance, leucine promotes the creation of new muscles, must for weightlifters and bodybuilders. Isoleucine helps in increasing the endurance level, and supplies energy to the muscles along with speeding up the process of energy recovery after a workout.

Valine, on the other hand, supports the other two in their roles by protecting muscle tissue from degradation during exercise and regulating blood sugar, mental acuity, and immune function..


When it comes to taking amino energy supplements daily, many people question its safety aspect. Quite fair. So the quick answer is yes; yes, amino acid supplements are safe. All you need to be careful is the dose of amino energy supplements.

Recommended Dosage for Amino Acids

Well, on the surface level, the amount of amino acid supplements you should take depends on your health and fitness objectives, and also the nature of your daily diet. If you are already consuming large amounts of protein, then you need to take less amino supplements. Usually athletes and casual gym goers need not worry about using high quantity of amino acid supplements, because they have to build more muscles.

Anyhow you should always consult your health care provider before adding amino acid supplements as a regular part of your diet, especially if you are dicey about it’s suitability.  

Majority of the researches depict that amino energy supplements are effective, and offer a boost in body energy. Amino supplements effects best when taken daily. They contain such compounds that are fuel up your overall performance. BCAAs rich amino supplements are recommended to be taken pre or post workout since they keep one hydrated, reduce muscle soreness, and smoothens muscle regeneration.

Amino supplements are therefore the ideal health product to add to your muscle mass, stimulate metabolism, balance calories and sugar level, and above all remain energetic.

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