The Brilliant Way to Heal Yourself With Chakra Healing! Here 7 Guideline About The Various Chakra

by Candra Kurniawan Programmer, IM, Youtuber
Chakra HealingChakra or chakras are best described as energy centres that surround our physical being. Although they may not be physically visible, chakras are responsible for the flow of energy in and out of the body.

Balancing your chakras helps the energy to flow more freely within the body, resulting in a better physical, mental and spiritual state.

Chakras work by absorbing energies from the universe and other living things, such as nature and even energy from other people. Have you ever noticed how you feel depressed around someone depressive or happier when you are surrounded by happier people? It has a lot to do with the energy chakras.

Chakras may influence our thoughts and behaviours, and if one of your chakras is blocked out, or not functioning correctly, it could block energy from entering the body. This blockage results in imbalances and possibly even disease and illness. These imbalances are then manifested through our existence and energy channels within our body. From time to time, your chakras can become blocked, preventing them from functioning correctly. Balancing your chakras refers to the practice of aligning your energies so that they work together in harmony.

Chakras are commonly balanced through yoga and meditation; however, physical exercise, a positive chain of thoughts and focused breathing can also help to align your chakras. There are also healing practices that are carried out by qualified healers to help you align your chakras for optimal balance. These practices can help to identify and possibly even channel out illness.

Chakra healing is one of these practices, and is done through a process of using crystals and coloured gemstones. Each chakra has its own colour, and placing a gemstone of that chakra's colour can restore the balance. Clear crystals can also be used for monitoring the response of chakras. There are seven main chakras in the body and each one is represented by a specific sound and colour. The list below will give you a rough guideline about the various chakra positions and their respective colours:
  • 1. Root or base chakra ? Red
  • 2. Navel or sex chakra ? Orange
  • 3. Stomach or solar plexus chakra ? Yellow
  • 4. Heart chakra ? Green
  • 5. Throat chakra ? Blue
  • 6. Third eye or brow chakra ? Indigo
  • 7. Crown chakra ? Yellow
Each of the chakras is responsible for various feelings and emotions, as well as specific organs in the body. Blocked chakras can affect certain feelings.

For example, the first chakra ? the root chakra, which is found at the base of the spine ? is responsible for financial issues and feelings of insecurity.

The second chakra, located in the pelvic area, has to do with the energy surrounding your sexuality. It is also a communication medium for kidney functioning.

The third chakra is located in the solar plexus. This chakra has to do with stomach and liver functioning as well as personal power.

The fourth chakra is located at the chest, and is responsible for love issues and the health of your heart. The fifth chakra is located in the throat area, and is responsible for communication.

The sixth chakra is located on the forehead, and is commonly referred to as "the third eye". This chakra is responsible for feelings of intuition.

The last and seventh chakra is located at the crown, and is responsible for connecting us with the universe.

Crystals work through electromagnetic fields of energy. With human beings, the energy or aura is also an electromagnetic field. When chakra healing is performed, the vibrations of the crystals tend to balance out the energy. Chakra healers are also able to identify possible illnesses; however, it is advisable to get a second opinion from your medical practitioner just to double check.

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David C. Advanced   manager
It is a very good website which probably can help people but it is not for me as I am paralised from the waist down
Feb 16th 2011 12:33   
David C. Advanced   manager
It is all very intresting,but being paralised from the waist down I am not sure how it would help me
Feb 16th 2011 17:48   
Farkhat J. Advanced   home business
It is all very intresting
Feb 17th 2011 08:51   
Garry Tatnell Advanced   How to Make Money on the Internet
I have heard good things about chakra but I have a bad back tried yoga and could not do it
Feb 17th 2011 18:40   
Sudeepa Sujata Bhatt. Committed   
Is this chakra Healing relates to Kundalini , I mean Kundalini yoga !!!
Feb 17th 2011 23:43   
Sue and Shawn Kelly Committed   List Building Experts
This is a very interesting article. How does it relate to biorhythms. It sounds interesting. I have used deep breathing exercises with many patients and for myself. as well. It works well for pain and stress much better than using medication.
Feb 19th 2011 07:38   
JOSEPH CHACKERY Magnate I   Officer
Chakras influence thoughts and behaviors of humans, as they are absorbing energies from other living things. There are healing practices that are carried out by qualified healers to help you align your Chakras. They are best described as energy centers of our physical state.
Feb 19th 2011 07:38   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
A very nice article. I heast the term charkra healing but did not know what it was. This article explains it very well
Feb 19th 2011 07:38   
Robert J. Magnate I   Marketer, Empowerment Practitioner
Very interesting. Basic information but I am sure that there is much more to be understood. Thanks
Feb 19th 2011 07:38   
Danelle Howard Junior   Creative Developer
I love this i need a chakra healing right now, count on me to go to your website!
Feb 19th 2011 07:38   
Farkhat J. Advanced   home business
Very interesting.
Mar 26th 2011 12:11   
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