About our Business

What is Digadz and how it works?

DigAdz is modern revenue share program. There is no fixed earnings, but they share there income with members, their no fixed earnings, making this site safe to work and make money, because they will never give more then what they receive.

How to start and how to work together?

You con join using my link: http://digadz.com/whitewings80
As a free members you can join and click for point. Every day, you will receive 120 points. When you reach 800 points, you will start to get value ads.

If you want to start fast and earn fast, you may start investing money. You can start with just $1. With one dollar you can buy one bundle ad and you will get:
- 100 impressions for 728x90 banner
- 200 impressions for 468x60 banner
- 300 impressions for 125x125 banner
- 1500 Points

Points are core of business. 1500 point will cost you $1. But when you watching ads, system will give you money, but in same time will deduct points from your account. For every 1500 you will get ads for $1.50.

Do you understand? For every dollar deposited, you will get $1.50
but there is no fixed period, still it is super fast!

There is 11 levels at the moment in business:


Level 1 have lowest ads. Level 11 have highest ads.

Another earning way are referral commissions:

5% when your referral watching ads
10% when your referral purchase ads or reinvest.

Someone will say, ah 5% and 10% is not so much.

But believe me, when you referral watching ads like this in picture and after that reinvest this money, it will be so insane:


If your earning reach this picture above how many you will get every 5% clicks from your referral? It's will be so insane and never ending earning right?

So what you waiting for , if you late one day , you will loose potential earning at the picture above.

Join fast here : http://digadz.com/whitewings80  and I will help you if you need assistant.

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Nice program to make money with your skill! Anyone can start an online freelance career!
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 - shashi83 August 21st, 2012

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