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Oct 30 2010 20:27

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Apr 12 2010 11:22

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Our first contact was not under the best of circumstances, but I'm very happy this first impression didn't last more than a few minutes. Despite tremendous health and physical challenges, you have one thing in common with me: you love to play with words, although I'm the student and you're the master. I hope that people don't judge you by the difficulties you have when you type, because when we get to know you, it's clear you are highly intelligent and educated. Sean Connery, your countryman from Scotland, would be proud of your accomplishments, because you are a successful businessman. You know your way around online marketing, and you are very generous. I never see you write only a few words in your comments, it is always thoughtful and very often touching. You also have a collection of all kinds of stories in that brain of yours, personal experiences as well as anecdotes from history and politics. I encourage everyone to get to know you. Philippe ( or Jacquie ? )
 - phmoisan May 15th, 2011

David was very helpful to I, and quick to deliver, when i bought a Talent from him. I contacted him after the transaction was completed thanks David
 - jl27 April 23rd, 2011

Aha, the tesimonial button is finally showing! Great researcher, highly recommended!
 - alancarr February 21st, 2011

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