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    PUSH - It is an acronym used widely in the Christian community.
    It has been chosen to relate also to this website and for career 
    choices and career management but with a more focused 

    PUSH with Jones services and resources are not unique. 
    There are myriad of sites used to help direct you to paths for 
    career management and success.
    What is Success - Success is walking in the will of God and 
    living what is most important daily. It is the progressive realization 
    of worthy goals.

    So while one prays they should also persevere, pursue, persist 
    and prevail not just until something happens, but continue until 
    success happens.

    In career management and in life a common question has been, 
    "What is my purpose?" How many times has this been said or 
    has someone moaned this with vexation?  

    Although the journey to fulfillment and purpose takes a lifetime 
    as we gain knowledge, wisdom and understandingI will keep 
    the answer simpleTrust in the LORD with all your heart, and 
    lean not unto your 
    own understanding; in all your ways 
    acknowledge Him, and He shall 
    direct your paths.
    Proverbs 3.5-6

  • First, be obedient in the will of God no matter what career 
    path that may be taken. Matthew 6.33
  • Second, in faith and boldness ask, seek, and knock 
    knowing that if I walk uprightly he will not withhold any 
    good thing from me. Psalm 84.11, also Proverbs 11.14
  • Third, be confident in your relationship with Him. With 
    encouragement and motivation, realize all things are 
    possible. Philippians 4.13
  • Finally, there is nothing like being confident in the will of 
    God for your life. Inevitably, there will be challenges but 
    that should not stop you. Pressing toward the mark 
    (Philippians 3.14) is not a chore anymore. You have 
    come to realize finally that the joy of the LORD is 
    your strength. Nehemiah 8.10

    Use PUSH with Jones services as your motivational business 
    resource. Feel free to leave your comments.

                                         May Your Journey Be Blessed

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If you are looking for resources to help you in your network marketing endeavors, you can find a wealth of resources with Robert J. Take a look and I assure you that you will find something to suit your needs.
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Always a pleasure working with Robert. his know how and huge experience is always great to be at hand.
 - omadawn September 17th, 2016

So handsome! He look like vere professional, i like it. and, I'm so sorry because i didn't good english!
 - tuyennguyenhiyou August 31st, 2016

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