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The Problem… 

First, don’t be embarrassed. We’ve all been there.

Some new software package promises to solve every problem you could possibly encounter for the rest of your life. Or maybe the local computer box-store has a too-cheap-to-pass-up deal on the latest Super Godzilla BelchFire 5000 printer.

So you bite.

Next, you’re back at the office where, after many painful hours, nothing is working and you are reduced to calling the tech-support line. Then, after no more than a couple of days on hold, some guy sitting in a call center on the Nile River answers and you are immediately being “assisted” by the only person on the planet who may know less about solving your problem than you do...

We can solve your computer problems.

And we can do it for free!

We are GoldenRAM Technology Advisors and our new cutting-edge technology is re-inventing the computer service industry.

At no charge to you, we can now analyze over 3000 pieces of information about your computer to determine exactly what you need to bring it up to specs. Whether you want to upgrade your entire system or just add a new printer, we can tell you exactly what you need to make it work right the first time every time.

We can analyze instantly most Windows, Linux and Mac based systems with spot on accuracy whether it’s a single home computer or a thousand-computer network. Then, we provide a list of the parts or upgrades your system needs and - if you decide to do so - you can order the right parts and upgrades from us at prices as much as 40 percent less than other suppliers. If you need it, we can even dispatch a trained GoldenRAM technician to install the parts or perform the services, and the whole system is backed-up by our 24/7 TechniCall hotline.

We have already analyzed over one million computers and the GoldenRAM system guarantees...
no more trial and error computer fixes
no more ordering parts that may or may not work
no more downtime waiting on re-ordered parts

When you order the necessary upgrades immediate shipment is made from the nearest GoldenRAM warehouse
If this sounds good to you, call or e-mail anytime. You’ll quickly find that GoldenRAM also offers many other computer products and services to keep your home or office humming along at peak efficiency.

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