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The Easiest Way To Upgrade
Sep 5 2007 18:04

goldenram (est. 1988) provides computer upgrades (RAM, Hard Drives, DVD's, Video Cards, etc.) for all computer brands. Our primary innovation is UPGRADEDETECT®, a patented diagnostic software utility that analyzes a single computer or network of computers and presents our customers 100 percent compatible computer upgrades and accessories. In addition, we offer installation and repair services. We also provide online training to technology users who would like to obtain their Microsoft®, Cisco®, CompTIA®, or Novell® certifications.

Finding the right upgrades for your needs can be tough, but we have made it easy. UPGRADEDETECTcan do the detective work for you to help you find the best upgrades for your system.

        Analyze My System

        Analyze Several Systems


How does it work?
First, we will collect some information about your hardware configuration directly from your system. This is done by downloading a small, safe application that will read specific information about your system and upload it to our site for evaluation. The data received will be analyzed by our powerful UPGRADEPRO configurator to identify your system and its compatible upgrades.

Individual Users...

Never upgraded a system before?

Has your system already been through several upgrades?

Is it a Clone?

Just not sure what will give you the most bang for your buck?


Simply use UPGRADEDETECT to evaluate the current state of your system. The results can be compared against current standards and offer you the upgrades that will allow you to prolong the life of your hardware investment.

UPGRADEDETECTwill guide you through the entire process.

Analyze My System

Corporate Users...

Need to upgrade several systems in a department, location or even your entire enterprise? How about remotely detecting what is needed at a customer's site?

We can help with our Project based UPGRADEDETECT. By simply creating an UPGRADEDETECT Project you can collect system information on two or more systems and evaluate those results against your required specifications, industry standards or even upgrade budget.

You will end up with a complete list of upgrades, organized by system, to present for approval or to turn into an order.

UPGRADEDETECT will guide you through the entire process.

Analyze Several Systems