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About our Business

My name is Lisa Lomas, Home Business Expert.   (aka kiwigal, google me you will see)

I am a Mum, Marketer, Entreprenuer and Mentor, Business Owner!

I have sought the most practical, affordable, easy to use programs for my Teams, networks and easy to use programs for strategy and earning potential for anyone I know.

Keeping the process Simple & Rewarding has to be a winner.I do not like adding programs that get to complicated, it does not need to be this way!

If you think its complicated and hard perhaps you have not found a program that is supporting you and your business correctly?

I recommend two compliments to get started straight away, not expensive, you can join free to look around and investigate.  Knowledge is power!

Do not underestimate the quality I am showing you!


I am not going to show you many  programs, only two.

They work with any business to promote them and they are very very reasonable & powerful.  You want to be successful so that is all I will show you, success steps.  I am not going to bundle some business I am doing on you, I just want you to have success, you deserve it.

Success Community

Freemanresearch & Madcash

I will only ever show you the absolute best & most ethical way to succeed online.  They are NOT MLM, they are simple yet powerful income makers with tools, Web 2.0, video, blogs and more powerpunch than most.

My Niche is Saving Money, Tips on Saving Money, this is my favourite blog of all time I have done, its all free & full of information empowering individuals.


Yours Truly

 Lisa Lomas

P.s If you would like to Reciprocal Link or become linking partners just pm me I will look over your site, it may not suit one site but maybe the next one.


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Your page certainly has a lot of valuable information to offer. I really enjoyed the way you organized everything.
 - lookstare December 1st, 2008

Hi there, You have an excellent business centre and are promoting some very good stuff there - which is just as important - if not more so..!!! Keep on keeping on!
 - alasycia September 26th, 2007

Energy and enthusiasm along with a flair for recognising the qualities people have make Lisa a great partner in business. Always ready to encourage and pass on useful comments to help your efforts gain the maximum benefit. Thanks for your ongoing support and long may that continue.
 - kennethmcpherson September 23rd, 2007

Hi Lisa GREAT looking business center! I would utilize the products and services more though, maybe add some pics of your products from your various businesses? Much Success my Friend Collette
 - collette September 21st, 2007

I was just reviewing your APSense standing in Google and other Major Searches, and just wanted to commend you on a job well done. YOU ARE TRULY AN INNOVATOR and More! Keep Up The Good Work The Goodnews team
 - houseofmax August 21st, 2007