What measures have you taken to protect COVID19 ???

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Warren Contreras Magnate I   Old Retired Guy
Reminding everyone I see that staying more than six feet apart demonstrates being close at heart. If I meet a total stranger on one of my daily walks, I detour to the middle of the street, or if they do it first I respond with a wave and a Thank You.
Mar 29th 2020 17:06   
Eleanore Ning Senior  Research Report
try to stay at home, Wash your hands frequently, wear a mask, and ventilate
Mar 29th 2020 20:47   
Alpha Bone Innovator  Điều trị bệnh Xương Khớp
Hạn chế đi ra ngoài, đeo khẩu trang, rửa tay thường xuyên, khai báo y tế
Mar 29th 2020 21:19   
Vũ Có Innovator  Trang web của Co Vu Van
I wear a mask 24/24 whenever going out, contact with strangers
Mar 29th 2020 22:26   
Steven A. Donaldson Tycoon II Premium Native speaking English teacher
I stay inside with my cat and work from home
Mar 30th 2020 01:45   
Vinay Singh Innovator  seo and marketing adviser
Try to stay at home, sanitize hands frequently, wear a mask when contact with strangers and quarantine yourself.
Mar 30th 2020 01:51   
Peter C. Magnate I  Marketing Consultant
I mostly stay inside and when i go out i try to maintain a social distances of 5 feet
Mar 30th 2020 02:44   
Alex Walker Junior  Bloger
Best way try to stay at home and always use sanitize. moreover stay away from each other.
Mar 30th 2020 02:58   
Marie Martin Senior  Search Engine Optimization
Staying home is the only way to prevent Covid-19. Just stay home till it's over!
Mar 30th 2020 03:26   
Physio Plus Advanced  Physiotherapist
Regularly clean hand with any soap or hand wash or alcohol based sanitizer. Follow Social Distancing, Drink warm water every 20-30 minute, Wear a mask when go to outside. When come to home then go to bathroom to wash all cloths & clean hand. Stay Home Stay Safe
Mar 30th 2020 03:33   
Hồng Huệ Innovator  Cao đẳng Y Dược
- Ở yên trong nha không đi ra ngoài khi ko có việc cần thiết
- mang khẩu trang hàng ngày
- Rửa tay 20p 1 lần
Mar 30th 2020 03:35   
Ở nhà và nghiêm túc chấp hành tốt các biện pháp phòng chống
Mar 30th 2020 03:43   
Thành Hoàng Junior  Pk Hà Đô
Stay indoors and go outside wearing a mask
Mar 30th 2020 03:45   
Rashi S. Freshman  Blogger
Stay Indoors. Don't go out. and garle with luke warm water with a drop of vinegar daily.
Mar 30th 2020 04:03   
D'Vine Yoga Center Advanced  Transforming Lives
Stay safe at home, avoid to go outside.
Mar 30th 2020 04:49   
Wincer Song Magnate II Deluxe Founder
STAY at home, WEAR mask all the time while you are outside.
Mar 30th 2020 11:04   
Emily Ge Junior  salesman
Wash hands frequently, wear mask, social distancing
Mar 30th 2020 23:19   
Abulkalam Azad Freshman  Digital Marketer
offcourse we should follow the rules
Mar 31st 2020 05:59   
Kohinoor Group Junior  Real Estate Developer in Pune
stay at home, WFH, wear mask, wash hands, use sanitiser, social distancing
Mar 31st 2020 06:46   
Bryan Baldicano Freshman  Hello
Protocols, but I would like to start with a site that will help deminish the spread of virus.
Mar 31st 2020 23:45   
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