What is google adwords new brand name?

Asked by Vijay Kumar Yadav, in Internet & eBusiness


Delbert Barlow Advanced  supplementforuse
thanks for information This is big thinking
Aug 8th 2018 06:59   
John Adward Advanced  I am working as a technical expert
New Brand Name Of Google Adwords Is Google Ads
Aug 8th 2018 07:12   
Atif A. Freshman  Digital Media Marketer
The name is Google Adword (PPC)
Aug 8th 2018 10:41   
Aritra Agarwal Advanced  Marketing Manger
Google Ads the new name of Google AdWords.
Aug 8th 2018 12:12   
Abdou Sani Boukari Magnate II   Consultant
Google Adwords new brand name is Goole Ads.
Aug 8th 2018 15:26   
Smith Tracy Innovator  SEO Expert
New Brand name of Google adwords is Google Ads
Aug 9th 2018 00:30   
Mason Olivia Advanced  Digital Marketing
The new brand name for Google Adwords is Google Ads
Aug 9th 2018 01:17   
webetric technology Junior  A mind of creativity
new name is google Ads
Aug 9th 2018 03:22   
Steve Smith Advanced   Project Manager at PageRanksolution
google ads is the new name
Aug 9th 2018 04:21   
Anika Parker Advanced  Digital Marketing
Google rebrands its ad lineup, with AdWords becoming Google Ads
Aug 9th 2018 05:35   
Pace Staff Innovator  Singapore Pace Academy
" Google Ads " is the new name for Google Adwords.
Aug 9th 2018 08:37   
Jeremy Tollie Innovator  Local 24/7 Electrician in Kansas City, MO
You probably already know this by now, but it is "Google Ads"
Aug 9th 2018 09:42   
An Việt Freshman  Beauty for everyday
Google Adwords. I think that
Aug 9th 2018 23:22   
David Frank Innovator  Technical Head
Google Adwords has turned into "Google Ads" now.
Aug 10th 2018 02:13   
Creative Web Standards Freshman  Custom Logo Design and Online Website Design
After 18 and 22 years, respectively, the AdWords and DoubleClick brands will soon cease to be. As part of a comprehensive effort to streamline its offerings, Google’s flagship advertising products are getting new names and reorganizing to better reflect their current capabilities and where the company sees trajectories for growth. Along with the rebranding, Google is also introducing some new solutions that further the push toward simplifying its advertising offerings.

There will now be three primary brands:

Google AdWords is now Google Ads.
DoubleClick advertiser products and Google Analytics 360 Suite are now under the brand Google Marketing Platform.
DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange are integrated into a new unified platform called Google Ad Manager.
Aug 10th 2018 09:21   
Matrika Medicare Innovator  Subsidiary of Fertility Care India
The new name of Google Adwords is Google Ads.
Aug 10th 2018 12:13   
Cheryl Lamb Freshman  Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinics in Kansas City
Google Ads is the new name.
Aug 10th 2018 15:22   
health c. Freshman  doctor
Its new name is "Google Ads" with Yellow, Google AdWords is becoming "Google Ads"
Aug 11th 2018 02:52   
Pravin Pande Advanced  Digital Marketing Specialist
Google Ads is the new name of adwords
Aug 11th 2018 04:23   
Carin Howard Freshman  India Organ Transplant
new name is "google ad".
Aug 11th 2018 06:23   
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