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The E-Commerce Associates (ECA) Program is a new program available from that allows commercial sellers to market their products at TripleClicks alongside existing TripleClicks products and also from their own, separate TripleClicks "TConnect" Website.
How does it work? In short, you'll list your products and they will become viewable by shoppers at Shoppers may purchase your products by placing it in the Tripleclicks shopping cart and checking out. We take care of all payment processing on your behalf and then forward you the order for fulfillment.

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In order to get your products listed at TripleClicks, you can enter the product information for your products one at a time via my ECA Webpage Or, if you have many products to list, you can quickly and easily upload all of your information in a simple text file. Once uploaded, they will appear at TripleClicks shortly and customers can begin ordering your products immediately. And yes, TripleClicks offer fraud protection because the company carefully monitor all orders for fraud.