What is google adwords new brand name?

Asked by Vijay Kumar Yadav, in Internet & eBusiness


saggara o. Senior  saga
AdWords Google is websit marketing publish
Aug 11th 2018 09:41   
Hai Le Advanced  I'm Marketer
Google rebrands its ad lineup, with AdWords becoming Google Ads
Aug 12th 2018 21:41   
Jordan Kim Freshman  Elite Chicago Limo
Yes Google retires DoubleClick, AdWords brand names. Now Google Adwords becoming Google Ads.
Aug 13th 2018 01:46   
Perkin Steel Advanced  Perkin Knives
It is Google Ads but it is new only for those who are newly use Google Adwords.
Aug 13th 2018 05:07   
4pet Needs Senior   Buy Pet Food Supplies Online in India- 4PetNeeds
Google Ads..

You can now call Google Adwords as Google Ads..
Aug 13th 2018 08:42   
John Brown Freshman  Doctor
'Google Ads' is a new name of Google Adwords..
Aug 14th 2018 00:24   
Duong Nguyen Advanced  Marketing Online
Tên thương hiệu mới của Google Adword là Google Ads
Aug 16th 2018 00:55   
Bluemailmedia Inc Advanced  bluemailmedia
Google Ads is the new brand name of Google adwords
Aug 16th 2018 03:01   
Phong Nguyen Advanced  Students
Dùng Google Ads này có khó hơn Google Adwords cũ không nhỉ
Aug 16th 2018 04:11   
Pace Staff Innovator  Singapore Pace Academy
New name of Google Adwords is Google Ads
Aug 17th 2018 01:22   
Kathy Butters Freshman  A Blogger, Content Writer
Now, it has become "Google Ads"
Aug 21st 2018 00:31   
Mark Antonio Xavier Freshman  V-TOL Aerospace - Drone Services, Solutions, Suppo
Google is retiring its two most-recognized advertising brand names — DoubleClick and AdWords — as part of a broad rebranding of its ad products
Aug 21st 2018 01:10   
Advertising Industries Freshman  Banner & Large Format Printing in Mitcham
Google Ads has a New Brand Name of google Adwards
Aug 21st 2018 02:44   
danyel naq Advanced  Webzinio - Web page development
New name of Google Adwords is now "Google Ads".
Aug 21st 2018 10:49   
Wang Y. Committed   SEM
Google Ads ,Google AdWords" the same.
Aug 22nd 2018 21:47   
Dilwar Hooda Senior   Consultant
"Google Ads". New name .
Aug 23rd 2018 19:14   
John Adward Advanced  I am working as a technical expert
New name of Google Adwords is now "Google Ads".
Aug 27th 2018 04:58   
Priti Shetti Committed   Technical coordinator
The name of the new Google adwords is Google Ads
Aug 29th 2018 09:50   
sla consultants india Innovator  SLA Consultants India - Training Center Delhi
Google Adwords is Now "Google Ads"
Sep 13th 2018 04:07   
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