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by Joel Smith
TPOOI4L & ABC, CNN, FOX, CBS Will Join Forces for Our New team Build. "NOT A JOKE !"
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Hot off the press! Huge news!! Maurice just sent this to his huge list!

[8:23:00 PM] Katrina Oakley: TPOOI4L & ABC, CNN, FOX, CBS Will Join Forces for Our New team Build. "NOT A JOKE !"

WOW! I'm just way too excited and can hardly hold myself under control to even do this right now.

OH! Sorry. Welcome to all new and old "TPOOI4L" members. (Did you think I was lying about the excitement I'm feeling today?)LOL

No list here today just straight facts and a very-very Important marketing tip!

As you all know, I have been recently writing press releases for our new "TPOOI4L - BWF/GB" team build. After one week and 4 members in the rotator for the first release, 3 of them have already received a sign-up from us. Yes, they are free but, the advertising through these releases coupled with our AR messages and, your contacting them as a sponsor should: Are 3 forces at work that have an excellent chance of turning them into paid members!

Also remember this, the advertising through these press releases last for life and the hits will keep building over time.

Our Next Press Release Will Go Out On Tuesday, March 1,2011 and there are only 12 spots left for it. I recommend that if you want to get in on it that you order now! (First Come-First Serve)

While John Kielec over at our "Bonus Wealth Formula/GB (BWF/GB)" has been busy placing our "Active Only Members" into the system combined with his "Active Only Members" I have been on a quest to deliver better quality to this special group of members.

Here's what the results of that quest has managed to deliver:

One of my press sources invited me to a webinar yesterday afternoon and I always wanting to learn more, decided to attend. Well "Holy Fricken Media Batman!" Did I ever learn!

Hows this for a good day of study?

I am now recognized as a source for thousands of journalists from (And This Is Only A Partial List) the following media groups:

ABC, CNN, FOX, CBS, TURNER, Reuters, Niche Media, Dowjones, Press Association, Newscorporation, BusinessWeek, The Magraw-Hill Companies, International Data Group, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, Good Morning America....etc,...

Do you all read my updates loyally and remember me saying this (or something like it):

"We Want The Power Of The Press To Know About -"

Well it's about to happen big time and here's what will happen with our new "Team Build" from this point on.

I would like to vote on this with our "Team Build" members but, there is just no time to spare and this is one of my "Trust Me" decisions coming at ya!

Because I am now a source for all of the media mentioned above when their Journalists want fresh information; And because our press releases will have to get a whole lot more professional looking then they are;

Effective immediately upon our next press release, we will no longer be using a rotator link.
Okay "TeamBuilders" I can hear you screaming from here. Calm down will ya? LOL

Those who have purchased the new "Team Build Co-op" will actually get something far better than they could have thought.

From this day forward and from no matter where they come; All admin sign-ups will go to our loyal "Team Build Co-op Members!"

This will bring a more professional look to our releases and I will only have to advertise the main .com site. This will also provide you with random referrals that have nothing to do with our press releases. If for some crazy, insane reason as a Team Build member you do have a complaint, please email it to me now too:

I will look very much forward to butchering, I mean responding to your emails! LOL

Here's a sample of what happened after I became a source today:

I got an invitation from journalists with a list of 57 categories I could respond to. One looked like this:

Media Outlet: http://www.HireYourVirtualxxxxxx (Blocked For Terms Of Service Agreement)

Looking to Interview Entrepreneurs who have recently and successfully outsourced their Social Media Marketing to a third party; company, consultant or Virtual Assistant. Especially those who prior to outsourcing their Social Media Marketing had little or no prior experience using sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Foursquare and so on to market and promote their business.

I want to interview you for our Skype video interview series for Entrepreneurs. Being interviewed on this
topic will benefit you because you also will get to talk about what your business is all about and have my community members connect with you on your social media profile pages.

Now Can You See The Power Of The Press That "" was searching for?

Those of you who have been smart enough to trust "John Kielec & Myself" by purchasing the new "TPOOI4L - BWF/GB" co-op are about to bear witness to something truly unique to the Internet as we know it today! "The Honesty That We Always Promise To Deliver!"

Has anyone on-line ever done this for their members? "I THINK NOT !!!"

Okay! Now I'm tired and still have to continue with the database cleanup so, I won't have the energy to put my tip in.

This is the part where you can all start screaming because you finally have the right to! LOL

If you received and read your email from John Kielec today, you have already received a hint on it anyway so "sooooory" but, you will have to wait a bit. LOL

I just might give it away if you attend this Saturday mornings meeting that our "BWF/GB" is holding. You can attend it by following this link at 10:00am (Eastern New York time):,46071038

See you all there with my bright shiny slippers and housecoat on! (Now that's something you really don't want to see!) LOL

Forever Your Loyal Friend & Associate,

Maurice Bernier

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Katrina O. Professional   Indiana Water Filters
Joel, you did a great job on this page! Hope you liked your crash course!

Maurice is really making things happen! What a great guy!
Feb 25th 2011 04:52   
Carlos Simao Freshman   Web Designer
Like it, good job
Feb 25th 2011 15:17   
Mario Djivanovic Senior   marketer
I want to know more about this. Please contact me Im interested
Feb 27th 2011 04:16   
Mario Djivanovic Senior   marketer
It says heree that this account has been suspended
Feb 27th 2011 04:28   
Katrina O. Professional   Indiana Water Filters
The link above is a shortened link. As APSense link shortener service is not working, anyone interested please go to www(.)thepowerofoneincome4life(.)com/index.php?r=rolley
Feb 27th 2011 06:50   
Joel Smith Freshman  
Thanks to everyone who looked and commented on my first RevPage! The link is working now if you were thinking about a closer look, do it now!

Kat, thanks for having my back while I was offline! Glad I signed up with you!
Feb 27th 2011 19:21   
Katrina O. Professional   Indiana Water Filters
Not a problem Joel! You are doing a GREAT job!
Feb 27th 2011 19:42   
Katrina O. Professional   Indiana Water Filters
Hey Joel! Here is an update from Maurice, in case you missed it!

Revenue Share Update:

This may tick some of you off but, it needs to be done!
The revenue shar program will not happen. Here are the reasons why:

* - They are severely frowned on by the Internet community.
* - Many advertising agencies worth any salt will not allow them and this includes one of the main agencies we use.
* - They are a thing of the past and fold almost as quickly as they start!
* - We don't want to be associated with anything frowned upon by the Online community and we would also gain very negative publicity if we started one.

Brainstorming is always going on at our end to create something better so please don't feel like your losing anything here! We will only move forward with new income assets if they are for the good of all and don't damage our current reputation. Our number one priority will always be our members and that is you. Like we say on our main page:
"You Are The One!"
Mar 23rd 2011 08:22   
Maurice Bernier Innovator   Owner :
Great article Joel. Have shared this with Delicious, Twitter and linked in for you! Hopefully it will help you!
Job well done my friend !

Maurice Bernier
Sep 3rd 2011 10:02   
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