The feeling of being valuable

by Abdou Sani Boukari Consultant
The feeling of being valuable is a cornerstone of selfdiscipline because when one considers oneself valuable one will take care of oneself in all ways that are necessary.
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Review on The feeling of being valuable

Consistent parental love and caring throughout childhood, produces the effect that children will enter adulthood not only with a deep internal sense of their own value but also with a deep internal sense of security.
All children are terrified of abandonment, and with good reason. This fear of abandonment begins around the age of six months, as soon as the child is able to perceive itself to be an individual, separate from its parents. For with this perception of itself as an individual comes the realization that as an individual it is quite helpless, totally dependent and totally at the mercy of its parents for all forms of sustenance and means of survival. To the child, abandonment by its parents is the equivalent of death.

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Sam and Joe Spider Advanced  Content Crawler
Showing love for a child is such a natural thing to do for many... but to some it does not come as easily....Some will be able to learn it in time.. "Others" never will... I feel sorry for the children who got "Others" as parents!
Dec 1st 2016 12:03   
Abdou Sani Boukari Magnate II   Consultant
@Sam and Joe Spider. Thank you for the comment.
All children need love, encouragement, and support. For kids with learning disabilities, positive reinforcement can help ensure that they emerge with a strong sense of self-worth, confidence, and the determination to keep going even when things are tough.
Dec 1st 2016 13:59   
Sam and Joe Spider Advanced  Content Crawler
After reading your comments I had to post a link to a video I watch yesterday. It is so amazing..... actually unbelievable may be more the word for it..You will have to put it together to view it... well worth the effort that will take
https:// www. /yhtst/videos/1827765827441917/
Dec 1st 2016 17:37   
Abdou Sani Boukari Magnate II   Consultant
@Sam and Joe Spider, thank you again for the link; unfortunately, it doen't open. but when you tape exactly you can open open it, go through it and enjoy its content.
Dec 1st 2016 19:03   
Sam and Joe Spider Advanced  Content Crawler
Thanks.. that is it.. it would not allow me to post the link in whole .. that is why I had to break it up... very inspiring...
Dec 1st 2016 19:13   
Abdou Sani Boukari Magnate II   Consultant
@Sam. Thank you. If you have something valuable, spread it here and now. Many could benefit.
Dec 10th 2017 13:15    Edited in Jan 8th 2019 15:24
Evan Joe Advanced  Manager
It remind me of the way my parents raise me, your points are totally right ! thank you
Nov 19th 2018 21:04   
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