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Why Is This Opportunity Being Kept So Secret? You now have the chance to get in early. BEFORE everyone else does. All you need to do is sign up for FREE and tell everyone you know before they start c
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Why Should I Get Excited about MonsterPreLaunch and Promote it Like Crazy?

My name is Frederick Mann and I'm the "Mr. X" referred to in the testimonials on the MonsterPreLaunch referral pages. I've been earning a fulltime online income since 1997. I've been pretty successful... I've learned a few things... So it may be worth listening to me...

In both my personal and professional life, I've been working at becoming more successful for many decades. If you want to get more involved with the MonsterPreLaunch project, here are some of the specific benefits available to you:

Give yourself the best shot at spectacular success that's ever come your way!
Discover just how powerful a marketing breakthrough MonsterPreLaunch is and use it to your advantage!
Check out our "Triple Play Marketing" (TPM) feature and discover how we use it to automatically build your downlines in several programs. This could become hugely profitable for you!

You are currently not qualified to have TPM build your downlines automatically. You either do not have enough people on the first level of your MPL downline, or you haven't sponsored anyone during the past 30 days. In order to qualify, you must sponsor 1 more. Click here for an explanation.
When it comes to Internet marketing, learn what doesn't work, what works, and what works best!
Use MonsterPreLaunch to build your downline (which is also your opt-in list) and promote other programs to them repeatedly! ...15 levels deep!
Give yourself a shot at making more money than you have ever before... even with no out-of-pocket expenses!
Learn to overcome whatever has been holding you back... become an unstoppable winner... get what you want from life... become the person you've always wanted to be!
If you're stuck in a boring job, and/or your life has been stagnating, break out to a new life of fun, freedom, time with your family, your hobbies, and your own projects!
Live a life with a clear purpose, a strong sense of direction, and all the achievements you so richly deserve!
All this and more will become available to you if you follow through with this project!
Share all these blessings with family, friends, and contacts... they will forever be thankful to you!
Become part of the greatest world-improvement community the world has ever seen!

The "Success Threshold"

Most people -- probably around 98-99% -- trying to make money online meet with little or no success. They operate below the "success threshold."

Then there are the 1-2% who are successful. They operate above the "success threshold."

Think of the "success threshold" as a horizontal line. If you operate below the line, you're not doing enough things right to succeed. You're doing more things wrong than right.

If you operate above the line, you're doing enough things right to succeed. You're doing more things right than wrong.

To move from below the line to above the line, you may need to learn a few things -- acquire some knowledge and skills. You need to move up.

No matter how far above the "success threshold" you've been operating, you can always move higher and become even more successful.

You may currently be operating "just below the success threshold." It may require a relatively small "upmove" for you to become successful and for your online moneymaking efforts to start paying off in the form of increasing profits.

If you want to move a long way above the "success threshold" to achieve spectacular results, you may want to:

Become Someone Who Can Succeed.
Create Your Own Personal Operating System That Works.
At The Deepest Level, Create Empowering "Core Identity Beliefs."

Case Study

The most noteworthy statistic is that by sending 2,106 "intersted visitors" to a certain program's website it was possible to earn $107,500. ("interested visitors" refer to people who entered their names and email addresses at the website.)

Mr, X's Marketing Statistics Tell a Story!

# of Visitors Who Provided Email Addresses: 2,106
Total Earnings: $107,500
Earnings per "Interested Visitor": $51.04
# of Requests for Callbacks by Professional Team Leaders: 220
Earnings per Callback $488.63
# of $3,000 Sales: 34
# of Callbacks to Produce One $3,000 Sale: 6.47

The statistics reflect my (Frederick Mann's) track record with a certain one-up program from 25th January, 2006 (the day I joined) to 18th August, 2006. My first sale (after the qualifying sale that was passed up to my sponsor) occurred on 14th February, 2006. This case study ends with my sale on 18th August, 2006.

Apart from earning over $100,000, the most important statistic is "Earnings per "Interested Visitor": $51.04." I estimate that the total number of visitors sent to my program website during the case study was about 15,000. About one in seven visitors were interested enough to provide their email addresses. This means that I earned about $7.16 per visitor on average.

Quality of visitors is very important. Most of the visitors came from my own lists I've been building since 1997. It's very important to understand the difference between promoting to "MLMers with some experience and online moneymakers" on the one hand, and "opportunity seekers" on the other hand. Generally, promoting to "opportunity seekers" yields poor results. You can read more about this on the MFL website.

The lowest-quality visitors are probably "guaranteed visitors." The ones I've tested have all yielded zero results. (There are ways companies can pretend that they've sent you visitors -- with your website stats showing the visitors -- but with no visitors having actually seen your website!) So, if you purchase "guaranteed visitors" sent to any of your websites, the chances are very high that you'll get zero results.

The next lowest-quality visitors are probably leads provided by lead companies. Generally, it's a waste of time and money to promote to such leads.

Good-quality leads are people on your own lists you've communicated with repeatedly -- even if it's just in the form of promotional emails. I started building my own lists in 1997 by promoting to discussion boards. This is where you can find people who've been trying to make money online for some time, and who have spent money on money-promising programs. Most of them have not earned any significant money. If you respond to their questions and you have something really good to offer, you can get them to join your lists. In general, my own list-building methods bring me good-quality leads.

Best-quality leads are people who have purchased from you and/or who have participated with you in one or more moneymaking programs and earned at least some money.

It's important to note that my own promotion of the above one-up program was mostly to good-quality and best-quality leads. Had I promoted to lower-quality leads, my results would not have been as good.

It's also important to note that this case study represents a "statistically significant sample." Once you've established such statistics, you get a "read" on what you need to do to earn money with a particular program, and how profitable your marketing actions are likely to be. You also get a "read" on what it might be worth paying per visitor generated, if you decide to use paid advertising.

From a business perspective, the statistics open the door to testing various forms of marketing, including direct-mail post cards and other mail pieces. If you can find a way of spending $1-$2 per good-quality visitor to a particular website (earning you $7 each on average), then you can "roll out" what's profitable and earn virtually unlimited amounts!

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