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Understand Just Been Paid and JSS Systems!

Just Been Paid.. parent program

JSS (Synergy Surf).. wallet for JSS, JSS-Booster, JSS-Warp, JSS-Tripler

JSS-Tripler.. $10 positions that pay 2%/day

JSS-Tripler How It Works!

1: You join (free here)

2: You add money ($10 minimum)

3: You get paid 2% per day

4: You get paid for 75 days (mature)

5: To earn more compound or add more

JSS-Tripler Position costs $10

Mature JSS-Tripler Position pays $15 (150%)

All the above is available to free members!


Upgraded Just Been Paid members ONLY Added Bonuses Below:


All of the above Plus..

Just Been Paid upgrade costs $20/3 months ($6.67/month)

Every four JSS-Tripler positions (mature) gets a free JSS position that pays $60

This amounts to $15 per JSS-Tripler position

This is How Your Money is Tripled.

$10 becomes $15 + $15 = $30 (300%)


Earn JSS-Tripler referral commissions

Level 1 = 10%.. Level 2 = 5%


JSS positions that cycle and pay $60 also pay the sponsor $5


Just Been Paid upgrades ($20) pay the sponsor $15


Just Been Paid sold referrals pay the sponsor $5


Just Been Paid Level 2 upgrade $57 pays the sponsor $57 (100%)


JSS-Tripler and Just Been Paid..

You do not have to understand it to make an incredible income!

To Join JSS-Tripler Click Here..

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