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Breast cancer is considered a major problem in women. If women are not treated for breast cancer at the right time, they may be at risk of death.
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Breast Cancer-
You must have heard the name of many types of cancers, one of them is breast cancer. It can be considered a kind of serious problem in women. According to some studies, the early symptoms of breast cancer are not known. Apart from this, women become victims of breast cancer due to a poor lifestyle.

Many women take more outside junk food than nutritious food. Not doing any kind of physical activity and not taking rest can be responsible.

In today's article, we are going to tell you about the risk of breast cancer due to a poor lifestyle.

What is Breast cancer?
Breast cancer is considered a major problem in women. If women are not treated for breast cancer at the right time, they may be at risk of death. Many women are battling with breast cancer due to lack of awareness about cancer.

But nowadays women are being made aware of breast cancer everywhere in India so that the risk of breast cancer can be reduced. Apart from this, women can be saved from cancer and other diseases by awareness. If women see any symptoms of breast cancer, then they must not ignore them, but get treatment at the right time.

There are many hospitals and surgical oncologists in India, like in Mumbai where breast cancer treatments are done with great success.
Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai

Top Lifestyle Mistakes That Can Increase The Risk Of Breast Cancer
Some of the following poor lifestyle habits can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Eating Junk Food - Many women leave healthy food at home and consume junk food i.e. pizza, burger and other oily substances outside. Not much protein is found in such foods and is not supplied to the body. Consuming more junk food leads to weight gain and increases the risk of breast cancer. As the body's BMI increases, the risk of breast cancer automatically increases.
Not enough exercising - If you are very lazy then it can be harmful for your body. If you look for excuses, prioritise sticking to the desk jobs, it can be a mistake that can


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