Get 1 Million YouTube Video Views

by Angeline Bridges
Getting Even A Thousand Viewers For Your Video Is Nearly Impossible , But We Can Provide Upto 1 Million Youtube Views For Any Of Your Videos ........One Time Or Monthly As You Wish....................
Recommended Features
  • Upto 1 Million YouTube Views
  • Unique Views
  • Real People ( No Softwares Or Bots Used )
  • Compatible With Youtube Rules & Policies
  • Twitter And FaceBook Packages Also Available !
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Review on Get 1 Million YouTube Video Views

Buy YouTube Views:

So why would anyone buy YouTube Views or Ratings?

Once you upload a video to YouTube, it is quite natural to have a very LOW number of views and ratings that were most likely added by people you know (or possibly even by yourself).
What this means is that your video will most likely be ranked poorly by Youtube and in turn make it difficult for the average user to discover your video.

By using our YouTube service, your video will appear on the top pages of relevant searches, making your video visible to many users whom are genuinely interested in your videos and therefore increasing your popularity.

If youre a musician trying to be discovered, a marketing manager trying to promote a product or a businessman trying to impress his clients, either way, our service will get you these results FAST!

YouTube video views are also a good way of promoting your business. That can have a variety of things with respect to the business and help in leading the right audience to the website. We can also leave a link to Facebook Fan page to give more detailed information about the product and services. Business providers can also buy facebook fans to get the popularity and more viewers.

Conditions To Accept A YouTube Video :

As a relatively new website, we have to strike the balance between quality and quantity early in our life cycle. We want people to link their profiles and their websites, but we also need to make sure that we maintain a certain level of quality on the site. This is a difficult job, and it will evolve and change as we develop our site further. It will also involve our personal judgement around what is acceptable. We want to offer these guidelines as to what is acceptable, and what is not. These guidelines also apply to twitter, facebook and website profiles. Please also take note of these two very important points:

1) Some unacceptable profiles may already be on . We do filter submissions, but we also take an approach of trust towards users. We also rely on members reporting bad content, so if you find something that's inappropriate please report it.
2) What got accepted yesterday, may not be accepted tomorrow. We're evolving our policy and trying to respond to the wishes of our members. Your profile may have been accepted in the past, but if our policy adapts it may be rejected in the future. Of course, you should only be concerned about this if your content is currently borderline.

Have we made a mistake?
We know we're only human, so if you think we've rejected your profile incorrectly then please post a question in our forum asking us to look into it. But please make sure you have read all our rules before doing this, as we may suspend your account if we find further infringements.

What's allowed:

Although this list is short, it's pretty general in nature. We're looking for you to add your personal or business profiles that have.
- Good content, built with love and care
- Non-spammy content
- Content that adds value to other members
- Content that is interesting
- You may promote your business
- You may promote your personal stuff

What's not allowed:

This is probably the place to look first. We think it's easier to define what we don't want, as it makes the process more transparent. Some of these are borderline, so please interpret them in the spirit of twiends:
Adult content - We don't permit highly explicit content on twiends. In future we may provide an adult filter for certain less-explicit content too.
Violence, Hate speech - Generally not accepted.
Gambling - We've accpeted some of these in the past, but we've noticed that they do lead to a spam problem. Most of these will be rejected.
Affiliate pages - Some of these will be rejected. We assess the quality of these and whether they lead to spam. Low quality and spammy affiliate content will be rejected.
Broken links - If your page is broken or not found it will be rejected.
Flagged as unsafe - If a browser flags your content as unsafe it will be rejected.
Spamming, Hacking sites - We don't permit sites that promote this activity.
Low Quality - If we think is page's quality is too low we will reject it.
Loads too slowly - If your page takes a long time to load we will reject it. Pages should load within a few seconds.
Redirection - We permit shortened URL's at the moment, but we don't permit strange or excessive redirection.
Dating - This is borderline. Generally avoid adding dating content. Some of the dating content we have come across is inappropriate.
Adverts only - If your website contains excessive adverts we will reject it.
Neobux,, Feedburner - We don't permit these anymore because they bring spam onto the site.
Automation software - Automation software for social networks like twitter and facebook is generally not permitted by these networks, so we don't permit it either.
ToS Infringment - If your content infringes on the terms of service of any of the networks we integrate.

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Prabir Kumar Roy Advanced   Educationist
Great site wants to have a membership with guidance.
Jul 9th 2011 04:43   
Angeline Bridges Advanced
Sorry Mr.Prabir........its not a membership site but soon we will start working on it and are planning to do so within next 12 months !

Right now you can only purchase packages that are can mail me directly for any questions on purchasing................

I am always ready to help my clients and guide them too !

but remember........I am usually not that active on apsense..........anyways you can get in touch with me through twitter or facebook which i use daily !

any questions ?????

dont feel shy just comment back !

Jul 9th 2011 04:50   
Gobindsing Tecksingani Senior   Business Owner
Sounds good , what are the packages available?
Jul 9th 2011 05:12   
Angeline Bridges Advanced
Hello Mr . Gobindsing !

There are five packages available :

1. 1 Million YouTube Video Views

2. 5,00,000 Youtube Video Views

3. 1,00,000 Youtube Video Views

4. 1,00,000 Twitter Followers

5. 40,000 Facebook Page Likes

We mostly provide bulk packages but if you need smaller packages to first test our services then contact us through our website..............

we will be more happy to help you !

Jul 9th 2011 05:23   
feroz the webpromoter Innovator  SEO,ADSENSE,WEB DESIGNING AND DEVELOPMENT
any problem with adsense monetize videos???
Feb 21st 2012 04:12   
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