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Rose Lee Professional   Sales manager for fiber optic cable

Joined APSense since, December 21st, 2014, From Shenzhen, China.
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About Rose

I am a regional sales manager in Zdea Cable Co., Ltd.
We mainly offer fiber optic lighting cables to worldwide customers.
While my main market is in America, and some countries of Europe.
Our website is:
We welcome your orders if there is some products you would like!
Have a good luck everyone!
Also, you could view our other websites:

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  • IDS Logic
  • Real Estate Heaven
  • Moon Technolabs
  • Digidreams
  • BesCable
  • P3MultiSolutions
  • wholesale earbuds
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Rose Frankie Magnate II  
Great organizer of Zdea Co. are you Regional Sales Manager

Recommendation on Experiences: Regional Sales Manager, Zdea Cable Co., Ltd.
Ruby Dai Advanced  
Rose is very talented and hard working sales manager. She is active on apsense. I recommend you to become her friends. Wish you good luck online.

Recommendation on Experiences: Marketing manager, BesCable
Yanko Karamanov Senior
I recommend Rose Lee as great Sales Manager and very active member of APSense community.

Recommendation on Experiences: Marketing manager, BesCable
Daryoush Ashtari Senior  
Online marketing skills of Rose is great. It is a great pleasure for me to in contact with her on APSENSE

Recommendation on Haves: Bulk Earbuds
j. miguel5 Advanced  
Recommend Rose Lee by done a great job on the subject of fiber optic cable, I was recently informed that you are using this type of cable to renewable energy, and digital equipment such as antenna Wi-Fi, Cable-TV, photovoltaic and up PC Computer and others. We hope the success and well-being in their duties.

Recommendation on Experiences: Marketing manager, BesCable

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