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While surfing I sometimes find very good articles and blogs websites about several aspects of internet marketing.
Instead of just bookmarking those you might also consider sharing these in this group. In addition you can also suggest good reads on APSense
I am thinking of the following subjects:
online marketing in generalsocial networkinglegal stuffexposing scam and internet fraudepreventing identity theftwebsite buildinglearn how to blogmaking connectionsand any other subject that would fit in this listtime managementpersonal brandingThere are a few people that are always writing good articles. I will not list  all their articles individually. Those articles are highly recommended. To find their articles you only need to visit their profile.Founder of APSense: Wincer SongThe admins of APSense: bjantiques, pplcheryl63Andy Anderson, Dave Gilbert, Sean, Mark Hodgetts, Elizabeth Horlemann, Gilberto Cintron, Joseph F. Botelho, Neville Dinning, Chuck Bartok, bronnamdi. The Old Coot, 
Paula van Dun
I may have overlooked someNOTE: 
This group is not about promoting all kinds of services but is set up to become a resource for self development in online marketing.
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