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Twitter and Facebook are powerful tools to generate traffic. But managing these accounts, especially Twitter can be time consuming. I have collected several useful tools for managing Tweets, getting followers, getting I-likes, unfollow and even earn money with Tweeting. I would like this group a resource for everybody wo uses Twitter or Facebook.
You can ad yours to, provided it is not already listed in this group. You may list services, software, tutorials and e-books.
If you are using any of these tools please submit your comments: does it work, is it easy to use, etcetera.
Have you explored these possibilities of Twitter and Facebook yet?I mean other things than tweeting. Today I started studying the possibilities of widgets, tweet and like buttons and api stuff. Many are difficult but there also many options for people with little skills in html and php can use.Like for example a tweet this page button or a facebook a like it.I am now putting these on my Duch sites. I am very curious if and how many times people will like and tweet my pages. If people are going to use these button this might save me some time in creating and scheduling autotweets. Of course tweets and I likes have more value since they come from more sources (real people) + there will be more variaton in the messages. I will keep you al posted