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  • eric Innovator   

    Never Give Up!
    My name is Eric Randolph   and the one thing I can say about my success in life is that I never give up if there's an obstacle. I do everythi...
    Paula van Dun  He you "stole" my motto, I have the same one. It took me a few months to see some results but now things are starting to excellerate.
    Oct 22nd 08:19
    Muriel & Graham Legg  Challenges are the spice of life.
    Oct 23rd 09:56
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  • Anissa W. Innovator  online seller

    Dress for success
    Everything is begin by faith that we can reach our goal..SUCCESS. Being success its a relative, depend on what we want, how to get it such a working h...
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  • Schanie K. Senior   Social Media Marketing

    Hello Amy
    How is it going? I will like to JV with you on internet nusiness building and launching a small worldwide program to begin with. It may be early b...
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  • Chuck Bartok Professional   Veteran Entrepreneur now Sharing

    My recipe is simple....
    As long as I have followed these simple rules success has chased me. Each day define the simple tasks needed to be accomplished and state a num...
    Marie Gervacio  Simply good recipe ummmmm ummmmm good! :) ^^tops^^
    Oct 7th 21:39
    Chuck Bartok  Thank you Marie, I am Honored with your comment. Did you Download the Book? It is a quick read
    Oct 7th 22:11
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  • Tony Beach Advanced   CEO Of My Own Destiny

    Adding a partner with 10,000 plus
    My best moment was when a good friend and biz partner of mine joined my biz and has already started to add his 10,000 member agent list to AGEL....Do ...
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  • Muriel & Graham Legg Professional   Make your website mobile friendly

    Our Success
    Hello If you read our profile you will find we are of the older generation and got into marketing on the net quite late in life. We floundered aro...
    Amy  Hello The MGs! Thank you for sharing your success story ... what did you do different that changed your business? -Amy
    May 6th 14:04
    Muriel & Graham Legg  Hello amy We found what we were looking for and what we were happy with. We set our goals and how we were going to achieve them. We planned to giv...
    May 28th 10:38
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  • Thea Westra Professional   Adding Wings To Our Unique Life Journey!

    A few things I'd published about 'success'
    Here are two articles that I wrote about success. The Right Mindset For Success In Business and Daily Success Habit Tips You'll find more of my articl...
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  • Pete Balasch Jr. Magnate I   Proximity Marketing World Wide

    Getting Listed On the Top Of the Search Engines
    I see Getting Peoples site Listed on the Top of the Search engines a Success and have been Doing Great with it since 94. My Latest Client had her sit...
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