Your Pocket Guide To Choosing The Best Head Torch

by Ankita Awasthi Article Writer, Seo Analyst

A head torch not just helps you see where you are going but also helps other people see you. Buy head torch online which are the best in terms of weight, durability, brightness, ease of use and cost. These are some of the key factors when deciding which in the best head torch to buy.

Let’s take a look at some of the important factors to consider when you buy head torch online -



The brightness of a head torch is an important factor. Head torches have varied lumens right from 20lm all the way to over 1000lm. It all depends on your activity no matter it needs just you or you need to light the path in front of you.


Lumen Comparison 

Many head torches come with a manual dimming function which implies you can quickly switch to a lower brightness. Also it is important to have levels of brightness which are sustainable as they help conserve batteries. Some of the head torches exhibit brightness quite rapidly as soon as they are switched on. On the other hand, some small head torches show almost zero variation in rated lumens over the rated battery life. This is indeed the best technology and if you are in need of a bright output to last longer. Opt for rechargable head lamp light which makes use of light-sensing reactive technology which helps in proper evaluation of the incoming light so as to easily adjust the levels of brightness.



Manufacturers generally jot down list their battery life on the product. If you need to know the time the battery will last would depend on what you are doing. For head torches with higher levels of brightness, the battery life will be much shorter. Along with the battery life you’ll want to figure out for a head torch with rechargeable batteries. It is indeed a good choice. If you regularly need your head torch, then you can opt for a spare rechargeable battery than buying standard batteries. Reactive lighting can also improve battery life and help in the detection of incoming light as well as brightness along with saving power.



Weight is an important factor when it comes to head torch. It is important that you check out the weight of your chosen torch and accordingly make an informed purchase. Anything over 200g will be somewhat heavy when you start to move around. It is also important that you have the head torch switched on and also at the same time ensure that it fits easily and doesn’t slip around as it is an important factor to consider once you are on the move. Buy head lamps online in India at the most reasonable rates when you shop online at the largest e-commerce platforms. No matter what your need be, you will certainly get what you have been searching for when you buy head torch online as the wide range will surely leave you spoilt for choices. 

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