Why Women Should Invest in Pre-Pregnancy Healthcare?

by Paul White Dietician

Why is it important for women to invest in pre-pregnancy healthcare and take extra care of themselves? The question is raising a concern. The question is raising a concern. Well, nowadays, being pregnant poses some unique challenges for expectant mothers. 

Infertility is the most common thing that is hitting women. Nowadays, it is the main reason for women to invest in pre-pregnancy healthcare. 


Infertility is simply the inability to contribute to the getting pregnant process. If a couple has been trying to get pregnant for one year, they can be considered as facing infertility issues. If you belong to this category, do not worry because infertility in women can now be treated. 

Infertility in women has always been a huge part of our society. It is really harsh for a woman that she will always be unable to have her own children. Yet, numerous women are experiencing issues conceiving, and it isn’t easy to tell exactly why they are having such problems. Yet, there are some things they can do to augment their fertility chances. We will discuss them in this article, but first, let us look at the key causes of infertility. 

There are many common causes of infertility, and below, you’ll learn about the infertility risk factors for women: 

  • Age: As women enter their mid-30s, the probability of successful pregnancy begins to decrease. The decline is slow and negligible, but as she reaches her mid-30s, the decrease in fertility starts to occur much more rapidly. The loss of fertility begins to accelerate in a woman’s late 30s dramatically. The possibility of getting pregnant naturally drops by half from age 35 to 40. Even with advanced technology, it is unprecedented to get pregnant after age 42. Age is one of the most widely recognized reasons for female fertility issues.
  • Weight: Weight plays a pivotal role in female fertility. If a lady is overweight, she is probably going to be infertile. She’s likewise at inclined jeopardy for miscarriage. In contrast, being excessively underweight can likewise add to infertility and expand the dangers of miscarriage. 
  • Sexual history: Sexually transmitted diseases can harm fallopian tubes and cause fertility problems.
  • Alcohol Consumption: Excessive drinking of alcohol can prompt a higher risk of endometriosis and ovulation issues. According to research, even one glass of wine every day is related to a higher infertility rate. If you’re experiencing any fertility problems, you must avoid alcohol.
  • Tobacco Use: Females who smoke have approximately 72% of the fertility of nonsmokers. In addition, smoking is harmful to a woman’s eggs. Ladies who smoke have double the possibility of having a miscarriage than the individuals who don’t. Basically, cigarettes make it challenging for ladies to get pregnant and have a healthy baby. The low consumption of nutrients is also a notable cause of sterility and miscarriages. That’s why gynecologists recommend young women to take vitamin and iron supplements to pregnant women

Let’s dive into some tips that can be beneficial to you and your baby: 

Pregnancy is the time when you need to truly change the dietary patterns and switch on to a sound eating regimen that can aid you and your baby to grow in the healthiest and best way. Food that can cause constipation ought to be avoided by a pregnant lady. Having milk with saffron is valuable to the infant. Heavy to digest food likewise a total no during the expecting period.

The woman needs to maintain an excellent eating routine to have a solid, healthy, and safe pregnancy. Fasting during this time is likewise not great for women’s wellbeing. The doctors’ pregnancy advice can assist you with knowing the ideal nourishment for pregnant ladies. The extra and frozen food should not be included in the pregnancy diet chart. The going-to-bed moms should include nuts like almonds, cashews, pistachios, etc.,

Their pregnancy diet will diminish the chances of any allergy developing in the child. Nuts are an excellent source of fiber, minerals, unsaturated fats, protein, and so on. The doctor can best propose the pregnancy diet by thinking twice about the diet with each such nourishment crucial for the body.

Practicing good eating habits is generally imperative, and women should halt dieting during this time as it will be harmful to both the child and mother. Fill yourself with positive musings, and don’t keep yourself in any anxiety and stress during this stage. The demand for nourishment for pregnant ladies continues to change from one trimester to another. Focusing on the nourishment that your body needs require careful consideration. The lady should purchase maternity items which are the must-have items required at any time. So, you need to make a list of each fundamental thing that would be required pre and post-delivery.


Infertility is the main cause behind the investment in Pre-Pregnancy Healthcare by women. Proper nutrition food for pregnant women and a healthy pregnancy diet ensure a healthy mother and baby. At the stage of pregnancy, an expecting mother is required to follow a proper pregnancy diet chart that satisfies the prerequisite of calories and protein according to need. 

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