6 Possible Reasons Of Low Energy In Males

by Paul White Dietician

In the hustle and bustle of life, we rarely get time to focus on our health. Moreover, we all know the importance of a balanced nutritional diet, but most of us still depend on fast food to calm hunger. This affects our mental as well physical health and slowly makes us frail from the inside. Because of which we feel extremely tired and easily become victims of various infections. Although unhealthy diet and poor lifestyle practices can cause extreme fatigue in anyone, few of them are more common in males.

There are many men who are unable to complete their tasks due to feeling tired. They feel difficulty performing well in the workplace as well as at home. If you are one among such people and wondering about the causes of tiredness, you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the main causes of lethargy in men. According to the experts, vitamin and iron deficiency can also affect the energy levels of males; consuming the best iron capsules and vitamin alternatives parallel to healthy eating can help. Read on to find out other major causes of fatigue.


Thyroid glands are the small organs in your neck, and their pivotal function is to produce a hormone to maintain the body’s metabolic rate. When these glands do not secrete enough thyroid hormones, the metabolism of the body tends to decrease, which eventually leads to excessive fatigue. This medical condition is also known as hypothyroidism. As per the physician, the person suffering from this disorder must eat gluten-free and sugar-free foods.


Anemia is the other major cause of prolonged tiredness in men. It is the condition when the RBCs and hemoglobin levels fall from the normal range because of low iron consumption. Red blood cells play a crucial role in carrying O2 to every organ of the body; their deficiency can hamper the oxygen supply and make you extremely weak. In addition, anemia will prevent you from doing regular work properly and affect your cardiovascular health. Therefore, it is important to take the best iron capsules or pills as soon as your Hb level starts dropping.


According to the stats, 1 out of every 10 men experiences depression at some point in their life. There are several reasons for getting into a state of depression: financial problems, dysfunctional relationships, mental harassment, etc. A depressed person feels sad, lonely, and helpless. and this gives rise to chronic fatigue syndrome and makes a person feel extremely tired.

Low Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a kind of hormone which is produced by the male’s testicles. It greatly influences the appearance, libido, and energy of men. These hormones decrease with age and cause weariness & depression in males. But, there are several natural ways to increase testosterone levels. Some of them are following

  • Intake more proteins & fats
  • Do a lot of physical activity
  • Consume multivitamin and mineral alternatives
  • Get Quality sleep
  • Stay away from stress

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is more common in men as compared to women. It is a serious medical condition in which a patient is not able to breathe properly during sleep. Morning headache, loud snoring, choking are the early signs of Sleep Apnea. The victim experiences restless sleep and often feels dizzy and weak.


Statins is the medicine that doctors recommend to those who have high cholesterol problems. This medicine helps to reduce bad cholesterol and keep the heart-healthy. However, do you know that statins also affect muscle strength? Yes, this drug indeed causes pain and soreness in the muscle tissue, which causes constant fatigue in you.

Wrapping Up -:

If you are also going through episodes of chronic weariness or lack of energy, it is vital to make some healthy lifestyle changes. For example, pick up fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products in lieu of processed snacks. Apart from this, do exercise regularly and be physically active. However, even after trying so much, the situation does not come under your control; it is better to consult a doctor.



Originally published at on July 10, 2021.

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